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Smart Bots AI

SmartBots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops, validates, and deploys AI-powered conversational enterprise chatbots that suit the unique needs of your business. The newly launched bots are COVID-19 Chatbot, Customer Support ChatBot, FAQ Bot, HR Bot, Conversational IVR for Contact Center, Business Intelligence Bot, Sales Assistant Bot, and Agent Assistant Bot. All these are developed in the platform using Skill Library, Dialog Score, Training, and Analytics. The AI Chatbot was implemented in major industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services. The advanced Enterprise ChatBots are available in any language, easy to use, and fastest time to market. The powerful features of smart bots Conversational AI have an Intelligent Conversation System, Omni - Channel Platform, Continuous Learning Capabilities, BOT Analytics, System Integration Framework, and Multi - NLU.

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