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Updated by Smart Bots AI on May 21, 2020
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Smartbots for Conversational Chatbots-Blogs

Conversational AI Enterprise Chatbots for all type of Industries by Here you can check for blog post articles regarding all chat bots.

Conversational AI & Chatbots in HR - Smartbots

Human resource management cannot limit itself to an administrative or transactional role of only hiring, firing, and payroll management. HR, today, is required to become a strategic business partner, brand builder, experience designer, communicator, catalyst in change management, etc. and take on a more transformational role.
The Conversational AI used in HR Chatbots will help a lot to communicate between HR and employees for every common question that can be answered by HR Bots.

How the Insurance industry is leveraging AI - Smartbots

**[Insurance Chatbots


Insurance is one of the most critical industries there is; it is what saves people and organizations from falling into financial trouble after a crisis or an unforeseen event. However, it is often deemed as the least innovative industry with outdated processes, time-taking procedures and delays, legacy IT systems, and many dissatisfied and even disgruntled customers. 

Are Chatbots and Virtual assistants the same? - Smartbots

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are leveraging AI technologies to provide innovative and efficient solutions benefiting customers, employees, and partners. In this scenario, it is crucial to understand the fundamental differences between a Chatbot and a more sophisticated solution like a Virtual assistant.

Chatbot Conference 2019 - Smartbots

Chatbot conference organized by Chatbot Life is among the best conferences for all the chatbot enthusiasts, bot entrepreneurs, and bot investors. It gave a perspective on where the market stands today and where it is heading in the future.

How SmartBots Increased the Accuracy of Intent Identification in a Chatbot

Chatbots have become an integral part of our daily lives. Do you know that machine learning played a key role in achieving such a performance? This article deals with an interesting in-depth concept of chatbot implementation of frameworks like Amazon lex or Google DialogFlow.

AI-Powered Chatbots for Support and Service teams - Smartbots

AI-Powered Support Chatbots for Customers, Employees, and Partners are available for all types of Businesses, Stake-Holders. The AI companies use these services and support bots for their customer care, statistics, and many more purpose.

What is Intent Chaining? Why is it Important in Bot Building? - Smartbots

The intent chaining important in Bot building platform is to identify the purpose of users finding a particular context to the situation of time and place.

Skill Library - A New Market - Smartbots

Skill Library - HR, Sales, IT & Customer Support. All these types of solutions we have pre-defined Chatbot available. Using full skill library of their customer and company needs to the conversation between them.

How SmartBots developed a new, innovative, voice-enabled SMART BOT!


Today’s world is built on information. Everyday data is generated or collected, with information on facts, figures, and statistics continuing to grow. With so much data available, it becomes increasingly hard to know which data has value, and where exactly to look.

How to implement Live Agent feature in Customer support ChatBots - Smartbots

Chatbots are change-makers, and they define how customers connect to a brand and organization today. More and more companies are already using technology with their valued customers. For the uninitiated, a chatbot is an app that engages with customers via a chat interface and runs according to pre-programmed rules.

Abbott launches AI-based personal assistant named “Maya” for its sales force - Smartbots

Abbott, in association with SmartBots.AI, has successfully launched an innovative new virtual assistant to support and engage their pan-India sales force  and her name is Maya. As a global healthcare company, Abbott has taken a leadership role in implementing digital solutions across all stakeholders, including patients, doctors, and employees, through the adoption of integrated technology solutions.

The Future of Enterprise BOTs  Part II - Smartbots

A futuristic enterprise chatbot that helps the user in many of his decisions. We will discuss in this article about the required backend systems that power the Chatbot. The types of conversations, powerful natural language models, generative business language engine.

The Future of Enterprise BOTs - Smartbots

The future of enterprise BOTs current scenario, central data system, new business rules, and the advanced analytical engine has been discussed by

How to make chatbots converse like humans! - Smartbots

The interest in AI chatbots is growing every day. As more and more people are getting familiarised with chatbots, the ask for quality bots is only increasing. Bots can no more be query answering machines. They have to be really good. Now, how do you determine if a bot is good or bad? Well, you can say a good bot behaves more like a human.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry - Smartbots

Informed and demanding consumers are changing the way the AI in healthcare industry is delivered. Healthcare providers can no longer afford to indulge in a paternalistic approach to deliver the treatment.

  • SmartBots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops, validates, and deploys AI-powered conversational enterprise chatbots that suit the unique needs of your business. The newly launched bots are COVID-19 Chatbot, Customer Support ChatBot, FAQ Bot, HR Bot, Conversational IVR for Contact Center, Business Intelligence Bot, Sales Assistant Bot, and Agent Assistant Bot. All these are developed in the platform using Skill Library, Dialog Score, Training, and Analytics. The AI Chatbot was implemented in major industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services. The advanced Enterprise ChatBots are available in any language, easy to use, and fastest time to market. The powerful features of smart bots Conversational AI have an Intelligent Conversation System, Omni - Channel Platform, Continuous Learning Capabilities, BOT Analytics, System Integration Framework, and Multi - NLU.

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