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Updated by Smart Bots AI on May 21, 2020
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Exploring Enterprise Chatbots by Smartbots

We offer smart solutions – from pre-developed BOTs to custom-built AI/ML-based assistants – for a multitude of sectors and a wide range of functions and diverse needs.

COVID-19 Healthcare Chatbot by Smartbots

Keep your employees and customers up to date with the latest information using the COVID 19 Bot. The COVID 19 Healthcare bot gives the latest authentic information gathered from authorized sources and can also be customized to provide company-specific information to users and employees by COVID-19 Chatbot.

Conversational AI IVR Chatbot for Contact Center by SmartBots

An Artificial Intelligence-based approach to self-service Conversational IVR. AI IVR enables users to resolve their issues within the IVR while interacting with the system naturally in their own words. An IVR Chatbot is a valuable solution for an AI-based Contact Center.

IVR Chatbots using the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence for any kind of information they can interact with the Conversational IVR Contact Center at any time. This AI IVR is available for 24*7 using the Natural Language for speech recognition and interacts with the user via chat. Adding these features the IVR Chatbot is consistent and improved with customer experience. It also reduces the need for live agents and operation costs whereas it works on cloud platforms. The wide range of analytics will help us to lead organization KPIs.

AI powered conversational BOT for business intelligence

SmartBots helps enterprises build AI powered conversational BOTs with personalities such as an analyst who can crunch numbers, admin who can book your ticket...

Customer Support and Service Chatbots by SmartBots

Redefine customer engagement with the help of Customer Support Bot. Solve customer queries quickly and accurately using the Customer Service Chatbot. This Customer Support Chatbot/Customer Service Bot works 24x7 to solve customer queries and helps you save time and money and increase efficiency.

Any enterprise having huge customers and interact with them frequently, they can have more benefits with Customer Support Chatbot around 24*7 support, time-saving, and reduce the cost on the organization. This Customer Service chatbot is enabling of few FAQs, any ticket status, account updates, and live agent handover all these can be done. The bot is available in 3 types as Chat, Voice, and IVR which are having all features like quick resolution, quick feedback, easily scalable, efficient time usage, easy accessibility, and CRM integrations.

Support Bot Demo by SmartBots.AI

Automating Support Functions For Enhanced Experiences
IT Helpdesk
Enable seamless access to enterprise applications and Frictionless credential resets with Smart Assistants.
Expense Management
Track and manage expense-related admin functions such as travel requests, reimbursements, and more.
FAQs & Information
Equip stakeholders with relevant data and answer queries on the company’s latest endeavors, policy information, etc.
Employee Support
Support employees in training and onboarding and offer guidance to build knowledge of product development and services.

HR Chat Bot Application for Employees by SmartBots

Automate employee communication with the HR Bot. This chatbot for employees helps the HR team to guide employees throughout the employee lifecycle. HR Bot Application increases efficiency. HR Chatbots work round the clock and help automate redundant and repetitive tasks performed by the HR team.

HR Bot Application is to automate the HR functions and communications with employees which helps for 24*7 support, boost efficiency, and save time and money. The employee life cycle work is available on HR Chatbots like On-boarding, learning & development, employee engagement, help desk, and recruiting process. At any level of employee information and background verification, projects, absence management, holidays, hikes, claiming any bills all these types of information can be processed in chatbots.

HR BOT Demo - SmartBots.AI

Simplifying HR Operations for Elevated EX using HR Bot
Leverage the Conversational Agent as a medium for employees to seamlessly interact within the complicated enterprise systems.
Effectively Manage Requests
Raise and track HR-related requests from any location at any time, improve your response time, and ensure elevated experiences.
Performance Assessments
Simplify the annual revenue and performance assessment process and ensure better experiences for employees and HR Teams.

AI Sales Assistant Chatbot for Business by SmartBots

Empower sales team with Sales Assistant Bot that keeps the team on track with business development, updates, KPIs. The AI Sales Assistant works 24x7 and increases productivity which in turn leads to an increase in sales. Sales Chatbot is one of the most important parts of Chatbots for Business.

Business growth requires a good sales team to expand and increase productivity for company growth at any time. So now the latest Sales Assistant Bot available for 24*7 support, to update the sales team with the latest information about the company and boost sales. The Sales Chatbot is available in 3 types as Chat, Voice, and IVR. Meanwhile, AI Sales Assistant has some features like easily scalable, connect to a knowledge base, send remainders, consistent user experience, and live agent transfer to the sales and customers. This way the Chatbots for Business helps a lot to both company organization of sales and customers.

Sales Assistant Bot Demo by SmartBots.AI

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AI-Driven Sales Chatbot Enablement To Accelerate Deals
Reports & Performance
Access reports and performance charts on demand. Break information silos. All you need to do is ASK the Assistant.
Sales Enablement
Empower sales teams with market intelligence and access to the resource library. Effectively train new recruits.
Sales Executions
Leverage the simple interface to cut the clutter in calendars and scheduling, managing accounts, and unifying lead information.
Administrative Functions
Ensure smoother execution of administrative functions such as queries, expenses of the sales team, log hours, leave, etc.

AI Virtual Agent Assistant Chatbot for Business by smartBots

Help Agents solve user queries quickly and accurately using the Agent Assistant Bot. This Intelligent Virtual Assistant empowers the Agents to readily find answers for user issues and also to carry out tedious, repetitive, and complex tasks. Also called AI Agent Bot / Agent Assistant Chatbot.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant is to help agents solve user queries quickly using the Agent Assistant Bot. The Agent Assistant Chatbot is having the features of quicker query resolution, great agent productivity, and increased customer satisfaction. The AI Agent Bot available in 3 models of Chat, Voice, and IVR. Some additional advantages are context-aware, connect to a knowledge base, automate agent process, and instant answers to users. This way the bot can play a vital role in conversation between the agents and customers of a company in a fast and effective manner. It also leads to save time and reduce cost which leads to the growth of an enterprise.

Field Force Assistant Bot built by

AI & ML enabled virtual assistant to support and engage #Salesforce/ Sales teams #SalesAssistantBot #AI #ML

  • SmartBots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops, validates, and deploys AI-powered conversational enterprise chatbots that suit the unique needs of your business. The newly launched bots are COVID-19 Chatbot, Customer Support ChatBot, FAQ Bot, HR Bot, Conversational IVR for Contact Center, Business Intelligence Bot, Sales Assistant Bot, and Agent Assistant Bot. All these are developed in the platform using Skill Library, Dialog Score, Training, and Analytics. The AI Chatbot was implemented in major industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services. The advanced Enterprise ChatBots are available in any language, easy to use, and fastest time to market. The powerful features of smart bots Conversational AI have an Intelligent Conversation System, Omni - Channel Platform, Continuous Learning Capabilities, BOT Analytics, System Integration Framework, and Multi - NLU.

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