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AIMDek Technologies

Established in 2012, AIMDek Technologies is a team of professionals; born from the world of engineering excellence commonly believing in the disruptive power of the technology. We are unified by our commitment to excellence and innovation, where we ideate and meticulously craft value-based IT solutions for several businesses across the globe to power digital transformation across all major platforms and tech stacks with improved efficiency, productivity, and agility.

Our Expertise:
1. Enterprise Portal Development
2. Healthcare IT Solutions
3. Enterprise Mobility Solutions
4. Product Lifecycle Management Solution
5. Liferay Portal Development
6. Robotic Process Automation
7. Designing Digital Experience
8. ERP Solutions
9. Enterprise Content Management
10. Enterprise Integration Services
11. Migrations and Upgrades
12. Business Process Management Solutions

In this digital-first era, we have been IT technologies and consulting firm focused on enterprise collaboration and technology transformation services. We help clients harness the power of transformative technologies such as enterprise portals, enterprise mobility, healthcare IT solutions and PLM in an integrated manner to bring-in much sought after business-IT alignment.

Our extensive knowledge expertise comprises but is not confined to a service-oriented architecture, open-source portal consulting, business intelligence, Enterprise Portals, Enterprise Content Management, PLM and ERP solutions across numerous verticals like healthcare, sports, and fitness, education, manufacturing, insurance, and eCommerce.

Let us equip you with a measurable difference within days of engagement with us to help you stay competitive with more streamlined business processes, increased automation and the right set of tools and technologies.

To learn more about our business, reach out to us at

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