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AIMDek Technologies Blogs

Enterprise Portal (EP),
Enterprise Content Management (ECM),
Electronic Health Records (EHR),
Business Process Management (BPM),
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI),
Business Intelligence (BI),
Enterprise Mobility,
Data Analytics & Insights,
Product Lifecycle Management Software,
Healthcare IT Solutions,
Liferay DXP,
Liferay Portal Development,
Mobile App Development,
Oracle PLM,
Aras PLM,
Salesforce Consulting,

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Digital Insurance - The future of insurance carrier | Blogs | AIMDek Technologies

Digital transformation & innovation are advancing insurance carrier's operational capabilities. Insurance portal is a fuel growth strategy to insurance CO

Leveraging Liferay Platform for SEO | Blogs | AIMDek Technologies

We provide SEO services for Liferay Portal. Our Liferay SEO experts help for better SEO Implementing for Your Liferay Websites.

Integrating Slack Webhooks for Collaboration | Blogs | AIMDek Technologies

Incoming Webhooks are a simple way to post messages from external sources into Slack. Message Attachments used Incoming Webhooks to display richly-formatted chat messages

Managing the Data Volume with MongoDB | Blogs AIMDek Technologies

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.MongoDB sharding and replication.

Swagger - The emerging API Framework | Blogs | AIMDek Technologies

The Swagger Specification is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful Web services.

How is Digital Transformation shaping the Healthcare Industry?

This article will give you a glimpse of how digital transformation is shaping the healthcare industry & the current challenges

Make Your Data Alive Using Angular5 | AIMDek Technologies

Nowadays technology is on its horizon and data is like gold. Before decades information was in the book and in this century it is on the internet. People nowadays prefer to get information from the internet rather than finding it in libraries. Most of the small businesses and also big industries publish their information on their website due to the globalization of business venture.

What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)? What are the benefits of implementing a PLM Software?

This content would help you understand what is Product lifecycle management / PLM. And also the benefits of implementing a PLM software.

How the automotive industry gains a cutting edge with PLM software?

For over a century, the rapidly flourishing car culture has been continually shaping not only the global economy but also how trillions of people out there live. According to a research by Statista, the global sales of cars were forecasted to hit 78.6 million vehicles in 2017. The automotive industry accounts for some 10 million jobs in Europe, 9 million in the US and some 6 million in Japan.

Angular 6 Features. What’s New? | AIMDek Technologies

Note that Angular 6 concentrates more on the toolchain and how to simplify to move quickly with Angular and less on the underlying framework. Furthermore, team Angular is coordinating the major versions stepping forward for the framework packages (@angular/common, @angular/core, @angular/compiler etc), the Angular material + CDK and the Angular CLI.

Top Mobile App Trends in 2018 | AIMDek Technologies Blog

Top Mobile app trends in 2018 are Artificial intelligence, m-health, the blockchain, enterprise apps, virtual reality, wearables & read more

How does PLM help in managing next-generation product complexity? | AIMDek Technologies Blog

How does PLM help in managing next-generation product complexity?

Creating Custom Validators In Reactive Forms Using Angular 6

Defining custom validators while using Reactive Forms in Angular comes very easy as they are more of regular functions. Read more...

Top E-Commerce Trends In 2018 | AIMDek Technologies Blog

Top E-Commerce Trends In 2018 blog can help entrepreneurs or startups plan, strategize & evolve their business functions in accordance with the market needs

Realizing Collaboration In Digital Manufacturing| AIMDek Technologies Blog

Ever since, the Industrial age, manufacturing has always been on a relentless evolution. Nowadays, digital technologies are coming up with newer ways for manufacturers to deliver value. Enterprises are at diverse points on the digital trajectory; a few are commencing their journey, a few are employing changes in a phased manner, while some early adopters are now noticing quantifiable benefits. Of all, one thing is for sure: digitization is radically altering the way businesses are transacted globally. Most of the competitors today are now collaborating for industrial growth.

Key Metrics that Matter for your Mobile App Success | AIMDek Technologies Blog

Key Metrics that Matter for your Mobile App Success - Knowing what to modify is the kingpin of time and again pivoting your app in a precise direction.

Top 5 Customer Experiences that enhances Automotive Dealership Sales

Here are top 5 customer experience strategies that can help Automotive Dealers enhance their sales. Automotive Customer Experience Solution.

The Future of Car Dealerships - The Omnichannel Experience

The future of the car dealerships will depend on customer Omnichannel experience. Future Car Dealerships Experience channel

[Infographic] How the Left and the Right Brain Work in Mobile App Design?

Infographic representation of How the Left and the Right Brain Work in Mobile App Design. AIMDek technologies are pioneers in UX UI Design.

Automotive Retailer: Transform Customer Journey and Increase Car Sales

Blog By Aimdek on Automotive Retailer: Transform Customer Journey and Increase Car Sales

How can Implementing Chatbots in Car Dealerships Improve Customer Experience?

This blog will discuss how can Implementing Chatbots in Car Dealerships Improve Customer Experience? Automotive dealer software solutions.

AIMDek Featured on Clutch as a Leading App Developer in India

We are pleased to share that we are featured on Clutch as one of the leading app developers in India in 2019.

Angular or Angular JS : Understanding the detailed differences

Here' s our blog post on a comparison between AngularJS and Angular. Angular is an open source front end framework. AngularJS is a javascript based...

Liferay Digital Experience Platform: For a Better Customer Experience

Liferay Digital Experience Platform caters an architecture for enterprises to digitize their business operations, deliver connected customer experiences.

A Beginners Guide to Artificial Intelligence | AIMDek Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine or a computer program to think and learn. It is based on the idea of building machines capable of....

  • Established in 2012, AIMDek Technologies is a team of professionals; born from the world of engineering excellence commonly believing in the disruptive power of the technology. We are unified by our commitment to excellence and innovation, where we ideate and meticulously craft value-based IT solutions for several businesses across the globe to power digital transformation across all major platforms and tech stacks with improved efficiency, productivity, and agility.

    Our Expertise:
    1. Enterprise Portal Development
    2. Healthcare IT Solutions
    3. Enterprise Mobility Solutions
    4. Product Lifecycle Management Solution
    5. Liferay Portal Development
    6. Robotic Process Automation
    7. Designing Digital Experience
    8. ERP Solutions
    9. Enterprise Content Management
    10. Enterprise Integration Services
    11. Migrations and Upgrades
    12. Business Process Management Solutions

    In this digital-first era, we have been IT technologies and consulting firm focused on enterprise collaboration and technology transformation services. We help clients harness the power of transformative technologies such as enterprise portals, enterprise mobility, healthcare IT solutions and PLM in an integrated manner to bring-in much sought after business-IT alignment.

    Our extensive knowledge expertise comprises but is not confined to a service-oriented architecture, open-source portal consulting, business intelligence, Enterprise Portals, Enterprise Content Management, PLM and ERP solutions across numerous verticals like healthcare, sports, and fitness, education, manufacturing, insurance, and eCommerce.

    Let us equip you with a measurable difference within days of engagement with us to help you stay competitive with more streamlined business processes, increased automation and the right set of tools and technologies.

    To learn more about our business, reach out to us at

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