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At QTraining our focus is on keeping you safe regardless of where you are or where you are going.

Employers wanting to safeguard staff - Teenagers seeking confidence and self defence skills - Schools wanting a dynamic program to empower students for the risks they encounter in life - Parents aiming to embed core life skills around situational awareness and maybe self defence - If this is you, we should talk.

We have spent years safeguarding individuals and corporate assets in many many parts of the world and we now bring this experience to you, your company or your school. With incredible back stories and gritty New Zealand case studies learn the life skills that can keep everyone safe in challenging and changing environments.

QTraining is a co partner of QRisk our corporate business arm. At QRisk our focus is on Risk Management, Security Consultancy, Business Transformation and Corporate Training. You can find us at Look for the Q - Your assurance of professionalism in delivery of service.

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