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Situational awareness is the greatest skill you can acquire for your personal safety and security. Nothing is more important, in the workplace or in life.

Corporate speaker

Looking to hire a keynote speaker for corporate functions & events? Paul
Walsh delivers key messages to the audience from his international back
story while entertaining. For more info, call us!

Build resilience at work | QRisk — QRisk

Being able to deal with the stress of a modern office is now an expected
trait to have. Resilience is such a vital trait but how can you develop it?

The need for situational awareness | QRisk — QRisk

The 26th of September is Situational Awareness day, given that we teach a
bit about the topic I wasn’t even aware that such a day existed. Alas, I
thought it timely to write this small article on the importance of having
that engaged and appropriate level of situational awareness, and not just
for the 26th of September.

Situational awareness relates directly to risk. So, if you don’t have any
“risk’ in your life then you don’t need to read on. If, on the other hand
you are of the view

The Biggest Area of Learning Neglected in Modern Education | QRisk — QRisk

Do children need a motivational speaker? Surveys show parents agree one
area of learning is being neglected. Learn which life skills parents want
taught in schools.

Need a speaker for your health & safety conference? | QRisk — QRisk

Looking for a keynote speaker to present at your upcoming health & safety
event? QRisk can deliver no matter what your workplace environment – find
out more here.

VIP Security NZ | QRisk — QRisk

So, who in NZ needs VIP protection. Well, Jacinda for a start and she gets
a bunch of well squared operators from the NZ Police Diplomatic Protection
Squad to provide her and the family with the required level of protection
whilst in NZ and abroad.

4 Qualities of a Great Keynote Speaker | Qrisk — QRisk

What makes a great keynote speaker? Situational awareness? An ability to
motivate an entire room of people? Find out how to choose your next guest
speaker here.

Xmas Keynote Special — QRisk

Looking for that motivational or inspirational speaker at your xmas
function or to kick start the new year. If so then lets chat. Whatever your
objective is in terms of that speaker I am convinced we have some global
back story to hit the mark. Lets chat today

Dealing With Executive Risk | QRisk — QRisk

When there are threats made to your executives because of the decisions
they have made then is your next move going to rely on good luck or good
planning. Because that is a also choice.

Close Protection - What is it — QRisk

The need for vip close protection is therefore risk based. And at QRisk
that’s exactly how we approach every requirement for our Executive and VIP
close protection services. Examine and understand the risk and provide the
client with pragmatic solutions.

You-Me-We | QRisk — QRisk


If your interested in providing staff with real skills in safety, security
and resilience then we should talk. Because, not only can we do that but
through our engagement you will be empowering young peoples lives with real
life skills for a changing world and that’s powerful.

How to Respond to Critical Incidents at your Organisation | QRisk — QRisk

Corporate risk management can be achieved by being planning your
organisation’s response to critical incidents. Find out how with our handy

How to Find the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event | QRisk — QRisk

The right keynote speaker is crucial if you want your event to be a
success. Today we discuss how to match a speaker's qualities to your event.

  • At QTraining our focus is on keeping you safe regardless of where you are or where you are going.

    Employers wanting to safeguard staff - Teenagers seeking confidence and self defence skills - Schools wanting a dynamic program to empower students for the risks they encounter in life - Parents aiming to embed core life skills around situational awareness and maybe self defence - If this is you, we should talk.

    We have spent years safeguarding individuals and corporate assets in many many parts of the world and we now bring this experience to you, your company or your school. With incredible back stories and gritty New Zealand case studies learn the life skills that can keep everyone safe in challenging and changing environments.

    QTraining is a co partner of QRisk our corporate business arm. At QRisk our focus is on Risk Management, Security Consultancy, Business Transformation and Corporate Training. You can find us at Look for the Q - Your assurance of professionalism in delivery of service.

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