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Management Games and Simulations for ITSM

Games and simulations that support the understanding of IT best practices or standards like ITIL, ISO20000, ASL, BiSL, Prince2, PMBoK etc.
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Apollo 13

The ‘Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience’ is an interactive business simulation workshop. During this workshop participants will see, feel and experience the benefits of applying best practices, such as ITIL and ISM, on IT organizational performance: ‘cost of ownership’ , ‘effectiveness and throughput of processes’, ‘customer satisfaction’. At the same time people will experience what it takes to successfully implement process based working and getting buy-in from all involved.
In 1970 Gene Kranz and his team delivered operational excellence…..Could you perform as well? Do you dare to try? Can you afford to fail? We challenge you to become Apollo 13 mission control and translate ITSM theory into practice to save the astronauts.
The popular Apollo 13 game is available in standard format (hit the link in the title), and also in a dedicated format for the ISM Method (, a standardized ITSM implementation method covering ITIL practices in an easy-to-understand and highly effective format (Apollo 13 for ISM:

ABC of ICT(tm) stands for Attitude, Behavior and Culture within ICT organizations. It is these ABC aspects that will determine the success or failure of your ITSM initiatives. Successfully addressing ABC will ensure: buy-in, commitment, involvement, ownership, self improvement, continual improvement and more importantly an ITSM organization that can realize business added value, an efficient and effective ICT organization with satisfied customers and employees.
The card deck consists of 57 cards. 13 cards about Attitude, 13 cards about Behavior, 13 cards about Culture, 13 cards about Stakeholders, 5 jokers (representing People, Process, Product, Partner & Performance).
Each card contains ‘worst practice’ examples of ABC. The aim is confront people with ABC worst practices that they recognize within their own organization. The aim is to trigger the thinking process of the players and open discussion and dialogue about the ABC issues within your organization. To help identify the relevance and impact, and help prioritize and select improvement needs.


Your team runs the IT department of one of the World's largest Pizza companies. Your task is to support the business with excellent IT products and services. The market is highly competitive which forces your Business to design new products, develop powerful marketing and sales initiatives and develop high level of operating excellence with a fast, low cost, high quality order and delivery process. IT plays an important role in enabling the business to achieve its strategic aims.

Your challenge is to align yourself with the business demands and organize your IT capabilities in such a way that the Business can achieve its targets for lowering operational costs, increasing revenue and market share and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Experience AND implement all relevant Service Management processes!
For many years now Control-IT has been used as a successful intervention in the area of ICT Service Management. Control-IT is specifically designed with an ICT Service Management Organisation in mind. Relevant actors and issues surface one by one in the business simulation.
Various scenarios for: ITIL implementation and training, ISM implementation and training, ISO 20000 implementation and training, Service management issues, Facility management issues, Frontoffice- backoffice issues

The Challenge of Egypt

This Business Simulation game takes a team of 12 participants back to the times of ancient Egypt. The team needs to create a project organization in order to build the famous Pyramid of Cheops. During this one day session the team will be confronted with many of the challenges faced by the ancient Egyptians; Nile flooding, wars, the changing desires of the pharao. The team's objective is to fulfil their project task within time, scope, budget and quality.

This highly-interactive ITIL simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding, involvement, and acceptance of ITSM and ITIL best practice in your organization.
Facilitated over one day in the fast world of global online retail, the PoleStar ITSM ITIL simulation brings to life the behavioral and process issues faced by IT organizations. This is done through realistic ITIL simulation scenarios to which participants can directly relate and have actual experience of. In addition, the PoleStar ITSM ITIL simulation can be run in either ITIL V2 or ITIL V3 mode.

Polestar PM

This interactive Project Management simulation is a high-impact, energetic and fun way to accelerate understanding, involvement and acceptance of Project and Portfolio Management best practice such as PRINCE2 in your organization.

Polestar 20000

The PoleStar 20000 ISO/IEC 20000 simulation will help organizations looking to address governance and other regulatory pressures through driving measurable service quality improvements within IT. The PoleStar 20000 ITSM simulation will also provide competitive advantage and add significant value to training providers offering the ISO/IEC 20000 learning and certification program.

PoleStar Health offers the Healthcare Sector an attractive, low-cost and time-effective alternative to traditional ITSM or ITIL Foundation training, providing instead a fast and immersive learning experience for all levels of business and IT representatives.

PoleStar Lean

PoleStar Lean is a interactive experience that brings the Lean IT approach to life, practically demonstrating the improvements that the Lean approach can deliver.

An immersive and exciting high-technology not-for-profit scenario to bring the challenges of delivering quality IT services to life whilst demonstrating how centralized IT functions can improve quality and efficiency through the implementation of ITSM and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. The simulation leads participants to come to understand the importance of ITIL and service management, then work together to apply these learning outcomes to implement practical improvements which resolve the challenges being encountered and ultimately drive improved agency effectiveness.

BMC Airport ITIL Simulation

ITIL Traininig Airport Simulation by BMC/Materna

Bridge-IT Business Simulation

In the ICT sector more and more emphasis is put on Business & IT Alignment and on ICT management during the entire service cycle. Our business simulation Bridge-IT is ideally suited to let both management and employees experience the importance of a good alignment between Business and IT.
Bridge IT comprises the entire ICT spectrum and can therefore function very well as an engine for generating both issues and solutions relevant to ICT services.
various scenarios for: business-IT-alignment, IT architecture, project management (prince, pmi,ipma,agile)




G2G3 recognizes that Business Continuity is a critical issue for businesses today. "Why spend money on something that may never happen" or "It will never happen to us" are unfortunately common responses from businesses when questioned about their Business Continuity strategy.

The G2G3 Phoenix simulation is a highly interactive business simulation which brings to life the increasing threats posed to organizations today - highlighting why now, more than ever, Business Continuity Management (BCM) is paramount within any organization.

McKinley IT Pro

McKinley IT Pro is a high-impact, energetic simulation which uses gaming dynamics to accelerate understanding and acceptance of best practice frameworks such as MOF 4.0, the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Ease-it Business Simulation

Ease-it sets people in motion and specifically stimulates them to let go of department-oriented thinking. Participants soon realise that hard work alone will not help in the long term, unless they also keep sight of their own contribution to the (team) performance.
Ease-it is very suitable to make things clear like chainthinking, quality, cost- and result awareness. All these rather abstract terms gain concrete meaning in the simulation. One experience that there is a big difference between talking about it and really doing it.
Various scenarios for: Lean Six Sigma, business process redesign, business process management, team(re)building

You are employed by the company TOPMeeting. This company hires conference and meeting facilities. You work within the project organization. The project sponsor who is the owner of the company has an ambitious plan to build 3 new business objects aimed at increasing the revenue of the company. He has assigned the task and the designs to the Steering group and delegated the management and control of the project to the them. The team determines the requirements and translates these into a project plan, work plans and monitoring mechanisms. The project is then executed. Various unforeseen events will put the project under pressure; the project organization will need to effectively respond to ensure that the revenue targets are achieved.

Race to results

HP's new Race to Results Service Management Simulation is a modular game that teaches IT professionals the basics of IT service management based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes. It's fast-moving, competitive and fun … and nothing like any learning experience you've ever had before.

CA Stock Exchange Simulation

The CA Stock Exchange Simulation provides the opportunity to experience the benefits of implementing the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, practice process improvement in a fast-moving, dynamic environment, and understand the importance of relationships — people, process, products and partners — and their impacts on IT and business performance.


The IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator (IBM V Sim) is an immersive learning game where players learn through a variety of hands-on sessions, experiencing issues affecting service management and corporate profitability in a simulated, virtual organization. With each game session, the participants actively experience how practical process improvements can help operations meet service level agreement (SLA) targets and enhance overall corporate service management and profitability.

Oceans99 - Information Security

Risk is good for business – all good business depends upon taking calculated risks. The secret of success is to manage business risks effectively, balancing both opportunities for gain and threats of loss or damage. Learn through experience how to grasp business opportunities, reduce the costs and at the same time to increase the effectiveness of your organisation’s security through a better understanding of how to analyse and manage business risks.

The Greatest Move

Imagine, You are director of a company called World Wide Movers. World Wide Movers is an international company which transports unusual products around the World.
You have 2 Transport Airplanes at your full disposal. Your company is aiming to win a deal: 'The Greatest Move', an ambitious, daring, challenging move. But inside information reveals that only the company which proves to be the best in class will be invited to tender for this deal.
The performance of your company is not sufficient to make you a contender. You decide to lead and implement Business Process Management principles to improve your processes and to become an excellent performing company. One capable of winning this deal.
During this day a team of 6-10 people will act as roles in the company called World Wide Movers.

A Heart Effort dynamic question game

The question game ‘A Heart Effort’ was developed to allow participants to communicate with each other about a host of different subjects that relate to their jobs and the organisation in which they operate. The subtle set-up of the game stimulates participants to discuss subjects from different angles, to look for differences, to avoid socially desirable answers, and to give concrete examples from their daily practice.Also well suited for conferences and events for informal networking.
Various scenarios for: kick-off, tailor-made questions, quickscan, any imaginable subject, large scale intervention, congres, seminar


How do you govern a company from afar? Right! By simply collecting more and more information. This is what happens in the simulation, but it is also the common experience in real life. If a company is doing well, there is room for serenity, contemplation and wise management. But as the facilitators increase the pressure, the desire to fall back upon traditional solutions rises. Mercator is about the classic traps and pitfalls of management and these are the ones we wanted to deal with in our improvement process.
Various scenarios for: decision-making, business intelligence, governance, business information management, management teams

Many companies face the need of working together to create value. Mergers, alliances, Strategic partnerships. Many face difficulties in making this form of 'working together' a reality, one that creates real, sustainable value and doesn't damage image or results. This workshop is aimed at experiencing how to 'Create value through collaboration'.