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Luigi Balboni

Luigi began his journey into coffee world after walking accidentally out of a coffee bean store. Attracted by the beautiful color and scent of the beans he realized that this was a field that wanted to explore in depth. Buying his first coffee grinder and some espresso beans was enough to break into the fascinating coffee scene.

His curiosity though made him try numerous coffee equipment to perfect his prowess. Soon he developed the expertise that brought him in coffee industry, working as a first class barista in various places. Since then coffee making has become his all encompassing focus and he adopted an endless hunt for the perfect cup.

As a premium coffee lover himself, is always interested for new ideas concerning the process, health benefits and recipes of his favorite beverage. In addition he performs frequently reviews of coffee equipment such as coffee grinders or coffee machines. He consistently keep his reviews unbiased and try to provide you the most objective reports.

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