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Updated by Luigi Balboni on Jul 17, 2017
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Coffee Guide

Providing valuable insights about the optimum enjoyment of coffee with solid articles and comprehensive reviews of equipment.

Is Coffee Bad for Dogs? | Dopimize

Have you ever wondered what will happen if your dog tries out your favorite cup of joe? Better read this before something bad happens!

French Press Vs Drip Coffee Maker | Dopimize

You want to brew your own coffee at home but you struggle with the optimum method? We examine in depth the difference of French press and drip coffee maker!

Best Coffee for Espresso | Dopimize

Want to know how to make your own espresso at home? Learn which is the best coffee for making espresso and try it out today!

Is Instant Coffee Bad for Your Health? | Dopimize

Ever since coffee was idealized as the beverage to start your day, people have asked: is instant coffee bad for you? Find out as we dive into the truth.

Difference Between Espresso Beans and Coffee Beans | Dopimize

Is there really a difference between espresso beans and coffee beans? Uncover the truth about the espresso right here!

Which Coffee Roast has the Most Caffeine | Dopimize

Which of these gives you more energy per cup? Is it the light or dark roast? Discover which coffee roast has the most caffeine.

Can Coffee Make You Smarter ? | Dopimize

People often ask if coffee can make you smarter. Find out the answer as we tackle how coffee acts on our brains and brawns.

Best Coffee for Cold Brew | Dopimize

Grasp the characteristics of the different varieties of coffee beans and learn which one is the most suitable for a refreshing cold brew coffee!

What is Blonde Coffee | Dopimize

Keep your coffee orders fashionable and trendy! Get to know what blonde coffee is about and how it's made after the jump.

What is a Macchiato Coffee | Dopimize

Your favorite beverage comes with several different names that may confuse you. What is really a Latte Macchiato and how it differs from Espresso Macchiato?

How to Choose Coffee Grinder | Dopimize

Choosing the best coffee grinder can be truly overwhelming. Let us guide you through the available options and the most suitable for your needs!

How to Grind Coffee Beans | Dopimize

Learn how to grind your coffee beans at home with unusual but effective methods, using common tools and a bit of skillfulness!

The Best 6 Cup Moka Pots of 2017 | Dopimize

Moka pots come in several styles or materials but which one is the most suitable for you? Have a look at our survey for the best 6 cup models of 2017!

The Best 8 Cup French Presses of 2017 | Dopimize

French presses come in several styles or materials but which one is the most suitable for you? Have a look at our survey for the best 8 cup models of 2017!

  • Luigi began his journey into coffee world after walking accidentally out of a coffee bean store. Attracted by the beautiful color and scent of the beans he realized that this was a field that wanted to explore in depth. Buying his first coffee grinder and some espresso beans was enough to break into the fascinating coffee scene.

    His curiosity though made him try numerous coffee equipment to perfect his prowess. Soon he developed the expertise that brought him in coffee industry, working as a first class barista in various places. Since then coffee making has become his all encompassing focus and he adopted an endless hunt for the perfect cup.

    As a premium coffee lover himself, is always interested for new ideas concerning the process, health benefits and recipes of his favorite beverage. In addition he performs frequently reviews of coffee equipment such as coffee grinders or coffee machines. He consistently keep his reviews unbiased and try to provide you the most objective reports.

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