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Adventure Travel Blogger from Dublin, Ireland.

My name is Derek Cullen. In late 2013 after the loss of both parents and a realization that my life was out of control, I began riding a bicycle solo across Africa. It was here that I discovered a passion for the outdoors, travel writing and the general unexpected nature of life.

Except after spending so much time moving in a journey of constant uncertainty, it was incredibly difficult adapting back to my old lifestyle and the routine it brought. So I decided there just had to be a way of somehow turning my passion, into something I did for a living and the only way I knew to go about it, was by taking back to this uncertain nature of life on the road.I am now a travel writer and earn an online income from writing content for travel or adventure related websites.

I genuinely believe in the importance of following your passion and so while I often refer to myself with the silly title of an “Irish Adventurer”, this Blog is not just about the wilderness trips I take but rather to inspire others toward searching out their passion in life and doing it, whatever the cost.

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