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10 Photos To Inspire Severe Wanderlust in 2016

Here is a collection of the most inspiring travel photography to inspire severe wanderlust in 2016.

Adventure to Another World

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Lights Leading The Way

Buddhists saying prayer

Proof That Bigger Isn't Better

We all think bigger is better, that more is richer but really, it's the simple things in life which reap the richest rewards and this photo depicts exactly why.

Iceland In Winter

Just south of the Arctic circle lies a magical island - the land of fire and ice, the ever mesmerizing Iceland. Iceland in winter is a very different place to Iceland in summer. Sub-zero temperatures, bone-chilling winds and harsh conditions are prevalent, but the photographic rewards are accordingly immense.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Picturesque fairytale like town on the cliffside of the Italian coast.

Himba Tribe in Namibia

A young Himba woman looks over the Namibian landscape in this National Geographic Photo of the Day.

Elephant Encounter Botswana

Africa really is a whole world in itself.

Giants in the West of Ireland

The spectacular Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland

Petra by Night

The city of Petra at night time.


The famous salt flats in Bolivia.


North Coyote Buttes by Tyler David

North Coyote Buttes by Tyler David

North Coyote Buttes under a brilliant night sky.

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