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Thomas Drugs

In our many years of serving the community as a pharmacy and provider of affordable medical equipment, your ever reliable Thomas Drugs takes an approach to pharmacy products and services that is incomparable to other pharmacy chains as we are offering something that come from our hearts. We are truly dedicated to being a part of a community and positively serving its healthcare needs.

Here, each one of us lives up to every word we promise. The Thomas Drugs team is acknowledged for our outstanding client care. More than that, we are also compassionate, dedicated and committed to serve you all throughout.

We are also appreciated in the provision of services that are never delayed. You value your time – we value our time too. As much as possible, we compress timeframes and improve our efficiency in filling prescriptions, over the counter drugs and quality medical equipment. We are also keen to keeping the quality of the prescription medication to refilling medications or providing affordable medical equipment and supplies.

At Thomas Drugs, we treasure the value of every second. We would not let you worry about having enough medications. We provide you with convenience as you can always order online. Never run out of medication again. This is what we do to help ensure the continuity of care that you get from our pharmacy.

All of us can agree that Health Management is crucial. But with Thomas Drugs around, our staff will always be reliably at your service. We assist you in Health Management by providing quality and affordable medications or quality medical equipment.

You can contact us at (212) 877-7340 or visit us 171 Columbus Ave., New York, New York 10023. Our pharmacy is open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, all seven days of the week.

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