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Balwant Singh

Jaisalmer is a land of love, luxury and Lavishing cuisine and with these Mr. Balwant Singh & Rajesh Kumar Mandal having a combined experience for more than 20yrs in Hospitality has Opened Spirit Desert Camp to offer their best service to the Guest.

Spirit Desert Camp takes pleasure in delivering the finest hospitality services to provide the guests with the experience of staying on the desert in our Royal Swiss Tent accommodation. It is the best travelling experience that will stay in your memory. The marvellous view of Sunset through Sand Dunes on a Camel ride is an experience that will etch in your memory for a lifetime.

The AC Deluxe Cottage and Non-AC Swiss Tents  accommodation provides comforts and luxury to the guests & is equipped with modern equipments and facilities like attached toilet with comfortable and relaxed thick bed mattresses that will let the guests to enjoy living both the modern and desert life in the actual desert .

The Guests at The Spirit Desert Camp will observe the majestic Rajasthani authentic & traditional cuisine with other exotics and Rajasthani folk dance and folk music that are performed by the trained folk dancer and folk singer to entertain the guests is another leisure you will experience on the trip. Our elite hospitality in a pure desert environment will surely leave a memory for lifelong.

We are enthusiastic and devoted to better the traveler's experience with our best hospitality facilities and services. We are looking forward to having an extensive and successful relationship with all our guests.

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