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شرکت شلر آمادگی خود را جهت مشاوره ، انجام و پیاده سازی پروژه های RFID ، بارکدی ، موقعیت یابی، طراحی و ساخت سیستم های الکترونیکی ، به منظور ردیابی و شناسایی، کنترل دسترسی و تردد، جمع آوری خودکار داده ها ( سیستمهای شناسایی خودکار )، صدور و دریافت خودکار فرامین و دیگر حوزه های مرتبط اعلام می دارد.

Joint Stock Company " Ertebat Electronic Shenasa " brand " Sheler " (Iranian registration code #473787) with the efforts of a group of outstanding and experienced professionals in the field of information technology, electrical, electronic, mechanical, telecommunications, medical engineering, etc., to provide specialized solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification system, known as "RFID" and based on other similar and complementary technologies, and localize them(for knowledge) in Iran and also parts and equipment related to these technologies in the near future with Iranian brand and aims to contribute to better, large and small, public and non-governmental projects in manufacturing and industrial organizations, military and law enforcement, health, service, and Commerce, the agricultural and livestock, sports and recreational complexes, municipalities, organizations, institutions, etc..., for the detection and tracking, locating and positioning, determination and identification, tracking, statistics, access control, send and receive commands from a predetermined form automatic, Automatic Identification & Data Collection(AIDC), etc..., from the beginning of 2013 established, planned and launched in April 2015 and officially registered and established

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