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Rise of Wolf

Wolf is a Trademark of the Parent firm, Urban Groomers Pvt. Ltd. Wolf is an expression of the evolved sensibilities of today’s youth. It abhors mediocrity, rises above the din and casts its own identity. It has its own tribe, exclusive and supreme, defining the rules of the game. It dishes out products ‘Product rare’ that deliver the best a Man can get.

Wolf specializes in male grooming solutions that are completely natural. Its products developed from the choicest of ingredients in categories like oil, wax or cleansing (Shampoos) help revitalize the Beard, Body hairs and Skin at the molecular level. It is an elixir for the Urban Male. Wolf believes that we all exist for a reason and live by a code that is similar to no other. Equality, excellence and Endeavour are the core values that make the Wolf and its tribe.

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