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PBS Bahamas

Who We Are
In this highly transformative time for businesses when successful management is required for optimal operation in an otherwise highly competitive environment, Proficient Business Services (PBS) is a beacon of light, providing businesses of various sizes with communication and Information Technology Solutions.
What We Do
We pride ourselves in being a trusted Information and Communication Technology Solution’s provider in the Bahamas. Our staff is trained and experienced in various technologies in the IT industry that works diligently in making businesses successful in their domain. Moreover, our company offers businesses consulting services to guide them regarding technological matters for optimizing their business strategies.
Our Services
Our services include:
• Security management services
• IT infrastructure management services
• A state-of-the-art network operations center
• Disaster recovery services to backup, retain and recover and report data
• Creating a disaster recovery plan
• Cloud services
• Remote and local services
• Network design ( LAN & WAN)
• Network assessment and performance optimization
• IT consulting services
• Surveillance, access control, design and intrusion detection
• Application Service Provider (ASP)

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