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Nicholas Tenhue

Nicholas Tenhue’s career is characterized by his constant development of strategies that accelerate business growth through design thinking.

A thorough understanding of experimental design drives his data-driven decision-making process, using quantitative and qualitative methods to answer the 'what' and 'why' of a business problem. He is a facilitator of communication between designers, engineers, project managers, and executives, creating value through calculated strategy and execution of product development, bridging the gap between the business and UX.


Nicholas is a seasoned user experience leader with more than eight years of expertise in creating highly-effective user experiences. He is currently User Experience and Product Strategy lead at Genospace, where he applies User-Centered Design as the driving force behind organizational strategy and execution. He has served as VP, Creative at Capy Inc., Co-founder & UX/UI Lead at RunTroll, Design & Data Visualization at Intel Health and Life Sciences – UK Innovation Team, and User Researcher at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He is also an alumnus of Microsoft Ventures, founder and former President of EIT Digital Alumni, and a member of the organizations UXPA and Interaction Design Foundation. He also holds a dual MS in ICT Innovation from University College London and Royal Institute of Technology.

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