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Who We Are
In a world where there is injustice, apathy, and disregard, My Lansdale Lawyers are here to offer legal help, compassion, and a welcoming and understanding environment. My Lansdale Lawyers is a place where you can share your experiences regarding work injuries, personal injuries, social security, employment, criminal, and other legal matters and get legal help promptly.
What We Do
My Lansdale Lawyers is powered by Cardamone Law, LLC, and offers legal help for Lansdale Area residents. We offer prompt legal assistance for work-related or personal injuries, or any other legal matter. Moreover, we may also refer you to other excellent legal firms if we believe they will be able to handle your case better. Furthermore, you may avail of our consults seven days a week for free!
Our Services
We offer legal assistance in these areas:
• Workers’ Compensation
• Personal Injury law
• Social security matters
• Employment matters
• Criminal matters

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