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Updated by Craig Daniels on Dec 01, 2021
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10 Things You Can Do To Tap Into Synchronicity

We are bombarded by visible and invisible information from waves and particles most of which we are unaware of because we're too busy to pay attention. Within this massive transfer of information cues arise connecting us to different ways of seeing things, but first we need to slow down out internal dialogue so we might tap into this everyday reality of information.

Synchronicity is not magic nor is it something that only happens when we least expect it. Synchronicity occurs all the time including when we're not looking and it's that not looking that deprives us of opportunity's to dig deeper into our daily reality.

Opening our awareness to the information cues will reveal moments of Synchronicity that help us to become more creative and innovative not only in our own lives but also in our business lives. And think of the creative power that can be harnessed when your business teams practice synchronicity awareness together with Dialogue.

Below I've added a number of practices that will open your awareness to what's going on in the current moment. With less noise going on inside your mind you'll see more of the information in front of you, you'll recognize the cues and connections to a deeper creativity and a deeper ability to innovate.


10 Benefits of Embracing Silence

Slow down you're thinking too fast**. Can you relate to "thinking too fast" or maybe "thinking too much"? Sometimes it seems like we just have to talk or our minds will explode, and often the need to talk happens while someone else is already explaining or sharing what's important to them.

Top 15 Looks At Journal Writing

Daily writing in a journal may be the best exercise for growing your creative side there is. Journal writing tunes you into yourself while at the same time taking you outside of yourself. ## Dive deeply into the paradox and let your creative side shine.

10 Great Urban | Wild Hikes

Many of the world's great cites have huge parks either surrounding them or right within city limits that offer hiking and scenery that can't be beat. Hiking not only expands your experience while visiting these jewels of civilization, but can also reinvigorate a flagging spirit and help you reinvent how you see things.

Portable Muse: Jumpstart Your Creativity

We can now catch fire in a bottle (smart phone) Finding the right documentary film or the perfect book for the creative person can be like finding a portable muse. You can watch it on your phone or tablet wherever you are and like jumper cables these portable muses may jump start your creative juices.

10 Simple Ways To Meditate

Further back than I care to admit I once stumbled into a local hall to listen to an introduction lecture about meditation. The small hall was nearly full (25 people) and we sat in those wonderfully uncomfortable metal folding chairs.

10 Active Listening Views To Explore

I'm sure you've walked out of meetings or conferences hearing entirely different interpretations of what you heard from each of your co-workers. Have you wondered if you attended the same meeting or listened to the same conference call as your co-workers?

10 Looks At Being Too Busy

I'm late, I'm late for ## A very important date. ## No time to say hello, good-bye, ## I'm late, I'm late, I'm late ## I'm late and when I wave, ## I lose the time I save. ## My fuzzy ears and whiskers ## Took me too much time to shave.

10 Best Mindfulness Practice Insights

Mindfulness has become a buzz word and as a result its meaning is murky. If we go in search of the original meaning we are apt to find mindfulness means be present in the moment or focus your attention on right now.

10 Great Blogs on Simplicity

Simplicity takes work, there I said it. It's easy to live a complicated life but to live and think simply means paying attention to your choices. And attention is one of those things that most of us don't find to be a natural skill.

Suspend Judgement Grow Innovation

Finding a direction or path to something new or finding something long ago forgotten often fails unless we Suspend Judgment. Think about walking into a room and seeing two people you know you disagree with on most subjects, what's the chance of discovering creativity or innovation when you've already marginalized people and their ideas.

10 Ways Creativity Expands Business

Both the words creativity and innovation can send shudders up the spine of many business owners, but in today's hyper competitive business environment ignoring creativity puts your management team at a huge disadvantage.

The difference now as opposed to just a decade ago is that resources to jump start a culture of creativity and innovation in your organization are available for any size business.

Synchronicity is not just a coincidence

A lot of people have an idea of what the term "synchronicity" means in popular use, but in a lot of cases, they confuse it with the simple fact that sometimes, all of us experience extraordinary, timely coincidences. Accidents that seem as though they were by design.