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Updated by Craig Daniels on Dec 01, 2021
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Suspend Judgement Grow Innovation

Finding a direction or path to something new or finding something long ago forgotten often fails unless we Suspend Judgment. Think about walking into a room and seeing two people you know you disagree with on most subjects, what's the chance of discovering creativity or innovation when you've already marginalized people and their ideas.

Both businesses and nonprofits routinely find themselves in a dark forest of scarcity, a place where moving forward into new and exciting areas is closed off. And a big reason for the "Do Not Enter" sign is leaderships inability to suspend judgment and move into areas they've never before been.

I've curated below a wide variety of posts offering some refreshing views on the importance of Suspending Judgment and Growing Innovation.


The Productive Dissident

Standard thinking in creativity – and for meetings designed to generate innovative output – is to create a climate where people can feel free to play with concepts, to risk their intellectual vanity and say things that might not make sense but might lead to novel ideas. The objective is to remove any negativity from the immediate environment, encouraging a playful stream-of-consciousness and flow of ideas. -

How Serious Play Leads To Breakthrough Innovation

Magic circles are "temporary worlds within the ordinary world, dedicated to the performance of an act apart." Building a special space away from normal activity, where people trust each other and agree to behave by a different set of rituals, is key to enhancing your team’s creative capability.

4 Reasons Why Trend Research Is Not Spitting In The Wind: Jump Start Your Innovation Process

Valerie starts by casting her net wide, and getting very good at seeing, listening and asking the innocent, or "child's gaze" questions. She reminded me that a good trend researcher is excellent at asking open-ended questions--not leading questions--and asking "why?"

Springboard Thinking

“Speculative thoughts, presented constructively, are labeled ‘springboards.’ You could liken them to the diving board and the swimming pool. At first, you may nervously step off the end. As you gain confidence you take leaps, and when you do not get hurt you may somersault as well. So it is with speculation. As you enjoy the freedom of letting your mind roam free, see where it will take you, if you allow it space.”

Creating an Innovation Mindset - It's All About the Assumptions

When we assume that there are no bad ideas and consciously suspend judgment, we’re able to generate far more creative options. We know that finding diverse kinds of stimulation and seeking to connect disparate concepts often prompt fresh insights and creative breakthroughs.

Why Suspending Judgement Sets You Free

Our society glorifies the judgement and criticism of others. The entire entertainment industry thrives on it. But at what cost to our ability to have a loving and fulfilling life? WATCH the third video on Self Awareness to find out why suspending judgement is the quickest way to TRANSFORM your relationships with others and DEEPEN your relationship with yourself.

Be an Open-Minded Listener: Suspend Judgment and Exercise Empathy

All of these answers., If you disagree with the speaker, tune out that portion of the speech., When you listen to a speaker, let your own perspectives and judgements inform your interpretation., and Temporarily suspend your associations, positive or negative, with the speaker.

What Does Suspending Judgment Look Like in Real Life?

I sat in his office looking more into him than at him, since that's how I interact with most people, noticing how I felt this amazing sense of peace as he said the words, "suspend judgment". Of course, this isn't the first time I've heard those words.

The Costs of Judgment & How to Stop It

Have you noticed how much judgment you encounter in a given day, these days? Between Facebook 'likes' and Yelp reviews and 'Comments' on every news article, people are making their opinions known like never before. On the one hand, it's fantastic that we have so many outlets for personal expression.

The Magic of Dialogue : Open Mind at The Internet Archive

This video runs about 30 minutes but I assure you it is well worth your time. The video is an interview and goes deeply into many important aspects of Dialogue including suspending judgment. The Magic of Dialogue with Opinion Researcher Daniel Yankelovich