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Updated by Kyle Hiscock on Feb 01, 2016
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Top Resources For Dominating Social Media for Real Estate

Social media can be a huge advantage for a real estate agent if it's used properly. Some real estate agents don't understand that social media isn't a place to exclusively blast listing after listing. If you're looking to get involved in social media as a real estate professional, check out these top resources on dominating social media for real estate!


The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Twitter
It's pretty well-known that the real estate industry has been drastically changed with the internet and social media. This goes for not only real estate agents but also mortgage professionals, inspectors, attorneys, and really anyone who plays a role in the industry. It has changed how industry professionals market themselves, their products, and everything in between.
How Realtors Should Be Utilizing Social Media (with image, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
If you're not sure how social media success is obtained by real estate agents, don't fret, here are 3 easy tips for success on social media for real estate agents. The article is from the Point2 Blog and be sure not to miss these tips!
How Realtors Can Curate Their Epic Real Estate Content (with images, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
Are you creating epic real estate content? If so, you must read on. If not, you're missing out! My real estate blog is the "hub" of my business. On my blog I create epic real estate content to share with buyers, sellers, and others with interest in the industry.
6 Twitter Rules for Real Estate Agents
You know you need to be on Twitter, and you have even heard other agents talk about how much traffic the social media giant can garner, but you have given it a go with nearly zero results. So what gives? Well, chances are you aren't using the site correctly, and you aren't alone.
Use Your Tweets Wisely
So, you've finally joined Twitter. How do you know what to tweet about to maximize your time and energy on this rapid-fire platform? How often can you tweet without annoying people? Your followers' Twitter feeds moves at lighting speed, so it's okay to post up to 10 times per day or more.
How to Use Google+ As a Real Estate Agent
How and why to use Google+ as a real estate agent. Tips and advice on how you can use Google Plus properly and grow an excellent engaged following.
Where To Find Kyle Hiscock's Real Estate Social Media Profiles
If you follow me on any social media websites, you know how big of a role social media plays in my business. Social media is a huge opportunity for any real estate agent. It's incredible to me how many real estate agents don't take advantage it.
How to Build a Strong Social Media Following for Real Estate
Today's Know It Now Guest Contributor is Kyle Hiscock, a top producing real estate agent in Webster, NY with Nothnagle Realtors, and has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers move in and out of the Greater Rochester, NY area. With a thousand followers on both Twitter and Google+, Kyle is an expert on how to build a strong social media following.
3 Tips for Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents | Point2 Agent Real Estate Marketing Blog
It's hard to figure out why there are still real estate agents who don't include social media objectives in their business plans. There are so many benefits for real estate agents who use social media (which is an article all in itself). Some real estate agents make using social media look like solving a Rubik's cube.
5 common real estate social media myths | Inman
Disabuse yourself of these notions to find brand success Social media plays a huge part in today's society. Whether it's for personal or professional use, social media cannot be avoided. There are many reasons why social media can be a game changer for real estate professionals.
Content Curation For a Real Estate Agent
Content marketing can offer significant advantages to a real estate agent. It offers an inexpensive way to build a brand, drive traffic to your website and increase the number of leads that come your way. But keeping up a steady stream of content for site visitors is also a lot of work.
The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Google Plus
The real estate "industry" is a very large group of various professionals. The industry is not only exclusive to real estate agents. Other professions such as mortgage consultants, real estate appraisers, and home inspectors are just a handful of others who play a very important role within the industry.
4 Tips to Master Pinterest as a Real Estate Agent
There are few social media sites that are more valuable to real estate agents right now than Pinterest. That's right. Whether you have heard of the site or not, if you are an agent and you have yet to establish yourself on Pinterest, the time to start is now.
How to Crush It With Real Estate Social Media
Properly utilizing social media is a must for any real estate agent. Here is some of my best advice on how to use social media to become more visible as a Realtor.
The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Pinterest
With the evolution of the internet over the past 5-10 years, real estate industry professionals have had to drastically change the way they market themselves, their products, and their brand. Whether a real estate agent is promoting a new listing or a mortgage broker is promoting a new loan product, these professionals must be creative with their marketing efforts.
Expert Advice for New REALTORS®: Start a Real Estate Blog
New REALTORS® can greatly benefit from using a real estate blog. Get expert tips from Bill Gassett and Lynn Pineda.
Top Pinterest Boards For Real Estate (with tweet) · massrealty
Below you will see a link to the compilation of some of the best Pinterest boards for real estate over at Listly. Listly is a great social media content sharing platform that allows you to compile lists of top articles.
Tips For Dominating Social Media for Real Estate Agents
Social media, if used properly, can be a killer tool for real estate agents. There are many resources available from top real estate agents who are benefiting from social media. Check out some of the best tips and articles for dominating social media for a real estate agent!
4 Killer Ways to Create Content for Real Estate Agents
Every real estate blogger, whether a crafty veteran or a rookie, will go through a period when it's extremely difficult to figure out what to write about. This is commonly known as "Writer's Block." Writer's block can be a real estate agents worst nightmare and can be extremely frustrating.
The Top 5 Tips To Succeed In Getting Leads From Your Real Estate Blog
Thinking of starting a blog to get real estate clients? Great idea! However, the road to running a successful blog is full of pitfalls. Here's are 6 steps to help you outperform the other realtors in your market! Click here to get more leads with our FREE real estate course!