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Pavlok - The Habit Changing Device That Shocks You

Pavlok adds accountability and electric shock to change your habits and train your behavior.

This is cool

Johnny Depp's diverse roles, through the years.

Versatility, thy name is Johnny Depp. It is amazing when you realize the vast variety of roles Johnny Depp has donned - from romantic to wacky to scary to intense - he's been there and done it all.

Classic Rock

Hear where your music takes you.

Customizing Look and Feel of Listly Embeds (Pro Feature)

To customize the look and feel of Listly embeds on your site, add this code to the head section of your website that is used commonly across all pages on your site. var lstq = _lstq || []; _lstq.push(['theme', { backgroundcolor: "#343838", textcolor: "#dddddd", textfont:"sans-serif", titlecolor:"#ffffff", titlefont:"sans-serif", linkcolor:"#008c9e", secondarylinkcolor:"#aaa", separatorcolor:"#444", bordercolor: "#444" }]) text_color: The copy of the text in the list.

Best business intelligence articles, 29 September - 6 October

As part of our new blog post series we will every Monday publish a list of top business intelligence articles of the past week, designed to broaden your BI horizon. Our first list, covering 29 September to 6 October, includes articles from CGMA Magazine, Manufacturing Business Technology and EnterpriseApps Tech.

10 Toys You Wish You Had as a Kid

10 Toys You Wish You Had as a Kid | Pancake Pen, Totoro Bed, Inflatable Football Pitch, Always-Crunchy Cereal Bowls, Giant Beach Ball, Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper, Colour-in Duvet, Jedi Dressing Gown, Samurai Umbrella, and Lego Advent Calendar.

Where to Eat & Drink While You're at Dreamforce

Taking a break from your Dreamforce sessions and looking for a great place for lunch, dinner or cocktails? Here are some great places a short walk from the Dreamforce venues. #DF13

London Startup Guide

The Big Guys Mega funds dedicated to the venture business. Granddaddy of European venture capital. Founded in 1996. Euro 350M latest fund, plus other funds in seed and growth capital. Historical investments include MySQL, Skype, FON,, Lovefilm, Netvibes.


Art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone

Top benefits of Universal Analytics

Much have been said about the benefits of Universal Analytics. Here's your opportunity to chime in, share surprising benefits you have discovered, and vote on the most valuable outcomes of migrating to UA.

Apps to install on a brand new Mac

You got that brand new Mac. Went thru the unboxing experience. Now what? I am making this list as I am exactly doing that. Installing my first must-have apps. Yours could be slightly different. However, I decided to create mine. Feel free to suggest more.

20 Visio Alternatives For Mac OS X

A list of alternatives for Visio for Mac users. There isn't one that matches Visio 100%. But options in this list could meet some of the requirements if not all. Lastly, there is always the option of running Visio/Win on VMware Fusion or Parallels.

What is the greatest man-made spacecraft of all time?

Microinteraction of the Month

Each month, we pick a great example of a microinteraction - either what to do OR what not to do. Microinteractions are the small moments that impact the customer experience.

Upcoming Marvel movies

Check out this list to know what Marvel has in store for you! Going by their track record, you know you won't be disappointed.

How to use to blow up your blog traffic

The first major struggle for business owners who want to use a blog for content marketing is creating content. With the dearth of content being created daily, it's certainly a challenge to come up with anything helpful and interesting to say.

I think I'll make a +Listly out of this one! Great post +Buffer. :)

I think I'll make a +Listly out of this one! Great post +Buffer. :) - Kimberly Reynolds - Google+

Use social lists to connect local businesses

Want to promote your local businesses? Use a social list-making site to collect the websites and social profiles of businesses in your area. I first heard this idea from Dave Shideler, back when was the social bookmarking tool of choice. Today's social list-making tools offer some key advantages.

9 iPhone Camera Features Every Photographer Should Know

Discover 9 little-known iPhone camera features that every serious iPhone photographer should know about.

Add To Listly via Zapier (Beta) / Integrations / Knowledge Base - Listly Support

This is the support site for Listly - Lists made easy, social and fun!

Moustaches 101 - A worldwide gallery of the Good, the Bad and the Evil.

A worldwide gallery of moustaches that ranges from the Good to the Bad to the Evil. This gallery is dedicated to the efforts of The Movember Foundation that runs the Movember charity event, housed at The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health."

The Most Expensive Cocktails in the World

The Most Expensive Cocktails in the World | B&B King, $768, Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, $1,000, Ritz-Paris Sidecar, $1,670, Original Mai Tai, $1,270, Macallan Single Malt Whiskey, $4,000, Salvatore's Legacy, $8,316, Ono Champagne Cocktail, $10,000, Diamond Is Forever Martini, $10,000, Winston, $12,040, and The Diamond Is Forever Martini, $18,000

The best mustaches on

These speakers sport impressive moustaches. Watch in honor of Movember, the month in which men let their 'staches grow wild to raise money for men's health causes.

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Game design techniques

Here are references for people who want to learn more about game design