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Headline for Frameworks for Information Management
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Frameworks for Information Management

A list of useful frameworks and methods for Information Management
=== This list is created in the context of knowledge sharing. For that reason we support the SURVUZ Foundation. But in the end, nothing beats face-to-face meetings, so we sponsor ConnectingFriends ===


ISM: Integrated Service Management

ISM - the key to successful IT service provision

The ISM method™ is the fastest growing service-focused framework for IT Service Management with an implementation method and support. ISM is aligned with ITIL and ASL but distinguishes itself by means of structure, simplicity, and applicability, and especially because it's not a reference model but an implementation method.

Many organizations work identically with the standardized ISM framework. The combination of framework, implementation method and support enables a swift implementation and measurable successes in practice.

If you want to introduce a process oriented approach to IT Service Management, ISM is your solution.

IT Management: the threefold IT Management model

The approach to IT Management as taught at Delft University of Technology.

Lectures and research in the area of information systems management as part of IT Studies was first introduced into academic studies at the end of the eighties. At the beginning of the nineties, this course (at Delft University of Technology) was further developed into a study (in Dutch) of IT Service Management which was well-documented in the form of course literature.

This course literature was increasingly put into use at other academic establishments for relevant course modules, and contains an extensive analysis of the many aspects of IT Management. The study was chaired by prof. dr. ir. M. Looijen (now emeritus). A link to the principles of IT Service Management can now be found in the approach to IT Management as lectured at Delft University of Technology. The threefold IT Management model is placed in the perspective of service provision to the customer. ITIL has also been incorporated. A plan, based on the Delft approach, can be found in the 'Guide to IT Service Management, Volume I'.

KPMG Maturity Model

The KPMG model for the phases of growth for IT organisations.

The level of attention paid to the performance of service organizations is notable. KPMG, for example, has performed research in IT organizations in various branches (World Class IT Assessment), in which the growth phases in IT organizations are clearly defined, which helps when defining the direction of future growth. Comprehensive documentation of the results of this research can be found in 'The Guide to IT Service Management volume I', Part 4: "Maturity".