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Kids Balance Bikes Q&A

Answers to common questions about balance bikes and best toddler bikes. Learn what the best balance bikes are for a 2, 3, 4 , 5 year old (and up), if and how balance bikes work and more.



What Is the Best Balance Bike for a 3 Year Old?

What Is the Best Balance Bike for a 3 Year Old?

My son is 3 years old, 38 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds, so he is a little on the small side, but this bike is perfect for him! We saw a more expensive version at a store, and he fell in love with it. I went online and narrowed the choice down to this one and a wooden one from Costco. I showed him pictures of both, and he picked this one, I think because it looks more like a "real" bike than the wooden bike does. Here's why we like it:
1. Super-easy to put together. I left to run errands for 45 minutes, and while I was gone, the bike arrived in a box, my 13-year-old son put it together and when I returned, he was outside with his little brother playing with it! I had read on here a couple of complaints about assembly, but my 13-yr-old did it on his own.
2. It's super-lightweight. My 3-yr-old is able to haul it around with him everywhere. I was amazed at how light it is.
3. It looks really cool, like a real bike.
4. It seems sturdy. The weight limit says 55 pounds. For those who are worried that their 4 or 5-yr-olds might be too big, my 9-yr-old son (who is light for his age at 53 pounds) got on the bike and took it for a spin to show his brother how it worked. Yes, he looked ridiculous on it, but he could ride it with his knees way up.
5. I'm really sold on the balance bike concept. When I was trying to teach my twins to ride a bike a few years ago, I put them on the 12-inch bikes with the training wheels removed even though they were ready for 16-inch bikes, to give them the confidence to ride. If they felt nervous, they could immediately put their feet down. It worked well, but when they did fall, the pedals often scraped or bruised their legs and feet. I like how there are no pedals, so the couple of times my 3-yr-old has fallen, he just lays down and nothing scrapes him.
Altogether, we are very pleased with this purchase, especially the price. Others we looked at are twice as much, which seems ridiculous when he will probably only use it for one or two summers.
UPDATE: We have now had the bike for two months, and he still LOVES it. We even threw it in the car for our cross-country road trip because it is so small and lightweight. For about the first month, he would walk along with it, always with one foot down, but now he proudly tells us he can "glide." He can now start at the top of our driveway, which is on a reasonable slant, coast all the way down the driveway, across the street and up our neighbors' driveway without stopping (under careful supervision, of course!)We've had many comments on how well he is able to ride it at such a young age. People are so surprised that he can balance so well. I would absolutely recommend this product to other parents of toddlers/preschoolers. I think he has so much confidence now that a "real" bike will be easy.

See this balance bike here: ==>>

What's a Good First Bike for a Toddler?

This is a perfect first bike for a toddler!

We bought this bike for our son's third birthday, and he was coasting on this the very first day. It's true that kids can learn balance first much more easily than pedaling, so we plan to have this bike for a few years (he is on the lowest seat level currently) and then transition to a bike with pedals when he is 5 or 6 and I know he will just be able to hop on and go becuase he has already perfected balance. I don't know whey these haven't been around longer; it's kind of a big "duh" in my book. Definitely something every toddler needs and will have fun with. Now it's just up to us to keep up with him on walks! I would definitely recommend a bike helmet along with it. He did take some spills early on because he'd get going too fast and wasn't used to steering yet.

See this bike here: ==>>

Teaching a balance bike - any tips?

As the first lesson in learning to ride a balance bike, try having them scoot on the bike, with their feet on the ground. Once they have this lesson down, get them to coast on the bike down a slight incline with their feet up off the ground.

Read more at link above....


Is a Balance Bike a Good Christmas Gift for a 2 Year Old?

Is a Balance Bike a Good Christmas Gift for a 2 Year Old?

The short answer is - if the child can walk, they are ready for a balance bike. This makes balance bikes GREAT gift ideas for Christmas and/or birthdays.

This is a really cute and well-rated pink balance bike that is perfect for this size/age:


Balance Bike Comparison - Performance vs Strider?

Strider - no doubt. Strider bikes are designed to grow with kids... heck, even kids as young as 18 months old can ride a Strider balance bike.


What's a really good light balance bike?

What's a really good light balance bike?

This Strider is great and super lightweight!

She has literally had it for three months now, and she is riding like a complete pro. She's still 2, by the way...we now have a 2-year old cruising down long hills with her feet up and strangers looking at her like she's a complete genius. The bike holds up AMAZINGLY well, is incredibly light to carry (my 2-year old can pick it up and get on it all by herself...all she needs us for is to fasten her helmet!) and it has given her a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. She and her brother chase each other around in the driveway now, and she, on her Strider, is able to go nearly as fast as her brother on his regular bike.

See this balance bike here: ==>>>


Should a helmet be worn when riding a balance bike?

Should a helmet be worn when riding a balance bike?

Absolutely yes! It is imperative to protect those sweet heads from injury AND it's also important to learn good bike safety habits as soon as they get on any type of bike.

Best balance bike for a 5 year old?

Older kids need a bigger balance bike to suit their size. This balance bike has been designed for children sized 5 and up Minimum seat height is 16 inches, inseam will need to be greater than that, your child's feet will need to comfortably reach the ground when seated on the bike.

My daughter is almost 5 years old and big for her age and this bike fits perfect with room to grow.

See this balance bike and read all reviews here:


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