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Sachin Dev Duggal's Stories

Sachin Dev Duggal is the Founder & Chief Wizard, A serial entrepreneur whose AI-powered composable software platform that allows every business and entrepreneur to become digitally powered,, has raised over $450M since 2018.

Sachin Dev Duggal's Strategic Move: Investing in Builderai for AI Growth

Experience the power of AI with our forward-thinking approach. Invest in for a revolutionary AI future. Start your AI journey now!

Microsoft Backs, Co-Founded by Sachin Dev Duggal

Discover how Microsoft supports, a company co-founded by Sachin Dev Duggal. Explore innovative technology solutions and partnerships on our website.

AI Forecast: Sachin Dev Duggal's Expert Predictions

Gain valuable knowledge about the future of Artificial Intelligence from Sachin Dev Duggal's expertise on this website.

Fast-Track Your Small Business Digital Transformation in 2024 | Sachin Dev Duggal

Discover the secrets to small business success with Sachin Dev Duggal's comprehensive 10-step guide in 2024. Unlock your potential today!

10 Tips for Making the Most of Sachin Dev Duggal's Perspective

Explore the future of AI through Sachin Dev Duggal's eyes at Web Summit Qatar. Join the revolution and shape tomorrow!

Unlocking AI Potential for SMB | Strategies for Growth and Innovation with Sachin Dev Duggal

The perceived complexity and resource needs of AI are among the main obstacles preventing SMBs from using it. However, SMBs may overcome these obstacles with the correct plans and alliances. It is suggested by Sachin Dev Duggal that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) “focus on AI-as-a-service solutions that are easy to implement and scale, without the need for extensive in-house technical expertise.”

The Top AI Innovations Shaping the Future of Music: Perspectives from Sachin Dev Duggal and

Sachin Dev Duggal, the CEO and Wizard of, and the eminent musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, collectively passed their diverse opinions on the possibilities of AI making the music industry take a different direction.

AI Advantage: How Small Businesses Can Thrive with Sachin Dev Duggal

Using AI can empower individuals and businesses to achieve extraordinary feats, similar to how a cape transforms people into superheroes. However, the founder of, Sachin Dev Duggal, emphasizes that AI adoption comes with challenges.


Sachin Dev Duggal

Sachin Dev Duggal

Transform your understanding of AI and software development with insights from Sachin Dev Duggal's Builderai. Explore more!

Unveiling the Mindset: The Rise of the Chief Wizard in Tech Leadership

CEO is too mundane for Sachin Dev Duggal. As founder of an AI startup, he dubbed himself "Chief Wizard" to spark imaginative thinking. Learn how wizardry guides his approach.

Sachin Dev Duggal on Implementing AI Solutions

The AI moment is coming soon according to Sachin Dev Duggal. Don't miss his fascinating talk at Web Summit Qatar where he explores AI's impacts and implications.

Unveiling the Future of AI: Highlights from Sachin Dev Duggal's Speech at Web Summit Qatar 2024

Explore key takeaways from Sachin Dev Duggal's session at 'The AI Moment' during Web Summit Qatar 2024 on our platform.

Sachin Dev Duggal News | Builder.AI | Builder.AI News | Builder AI

Discover the inspiring tech innovation envisioned by Sachin Dev Duggal for's future. Explore the website for a glimpse into the future of technology.

The Future of AI in Enterprise Navigates with Sachin Dev Duggal - Builder.AI News

Delve into the future of AI as we analyze Microsoft's collaboration with Builder.AI. Uncover the potential and possibilities in this insightful website.

Sachin Dev Duggal's Stories | A Listly List

Sachin Dev Duggal is the Founder & Chief Wizard, A serial entrepreneur whose AI-powered composable software platform that allows every ...

Success Stories: Sachin Dev Duggal's Innovation at Its Finest

Before talking about cost calculations, it is essential to understand what is involved in building an AI application. Through machine learning computation, Common Dialect Prepared (NLP), computer vision, and other advanced innovations, AI applications can perform tasks that require human thinking.

Sachin Dev Duggal's Insights on Leveraging AI for Business Success

Discover Sachin Dev Duggal's choice AI tools for boosting business success. Elevate your tech game with these innovative picks today!