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Maps and mapping

Maps and mapping | A Listly List

Maps and mapping |

Este mapa te enseña qué había donde ahora está tu ciudad desde hace 750 millones de años

La herramienta «Ancient Earth» se basa en registros de hace 1.100 millones de años para crear imágenes interactivas de todo el planeta

An Atlas of Literary Maps Created by Great Authors: J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure I...

Plot, setting, character… we learn to think of these as discrete elements in literary writing, comparable to the strategy, board, and pieces of a chess game. But what if this scheme doesn’t quite work? What about when the setting is a character? There are many literary works named and well-known for the unforgettable places they introduce: Walden, Wuthering Heights, Howards End…. There are invented domains that seem more real to readers than reality: Faulkner’s Yoknapatowpha, Thomas Hardy’s Wessex… There are works that describe impossible places so vividly we believe in their existence against all reason: Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, China Miéville’s The City and the City, Jorge Luis Borges' "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius"….

Mapping the Effects of Voter Turnout in U.S. Elections - CityLab

“The United States of Apathy” showcases the dramatic effect of low voter turnout in U.S. elections.

The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps - CityLab

How maps created for fire insurers show the evolution of cities.

Un mapa interactivo nos muestra el street art de Madrid - Cultura Inquieta

Un mapa interactivo nos muestra el street art de Madrid

The History of Cartography, “the Most Ambitious Overview of Map Making Ever Undertaken," Is Free Online | Open Culture

“Cartography was not born full-fledged as a science or even an art,” wrote map historian Lloyd Brown in 1949. “It evolved slowly and painfully from obscure origins.” Many ancient maps made no attempt to reproduce actual geography but served as abstract visual representations of political or theological concepts. Written geography has an ancient pedigree, usually traced back to the Greeks and Phoenicians and the Roman historian Strabo. But the making of visual approximations of the world seemed of little interest until later in world history. As “mediators between an inner mental world and an outer physical world”—in the words of historian J.B. Harley—the maps of the ancients tended to favor the former. This is, at least, a very general outline of the early history of maps.

An Interactive Map of Urban Violence Since 1990

A new online mapping tool allows you to track long-term trends in violence across dozens of U.S. cities.

El mapa interactivo para recorrer el mundo a través de los libros – El Placer de la Lectura

 Los libros nos trasladan a destinos nuevos o conocidos, nos enseñan lugares imaginarios y nos muestran cómo es la vida en parajes en los que nunca hemos estado. Todas las historias se desarrollan en algún lugar que, a veces, nos sirve para evadirnos y otras para desear visitarlos. ¿Quién no ha querido seguir la línea rosa de  la iglesia de Saint Sulpice en París como hizo Robert Langdon en el Código Da Vinci o descubrir el andén 9 y ¾ de Harry Potter en King’s Cross?

Mapping Atlanta Through the Lyrics of Outkast and Childish Gambino

A transplant to Atlanta from Pakistan (via London) has mapped the story of Atlanta as told through the songs of some of the city’s most famous rappers.

An Interactive Map of Odysseus' 10-Year Journey in Homer's Odyssey | Open Culture

The Odyssey, one of Homer's two great epics, narrates Odysseus' long, strange trip home after the Trojan war. During their ten-year journey, Odysseus and his men had to overcome divine and natural forces, from battering storms and winds to difficult encounters with the Cyclops Polyphemus, the cannibalistic Laestrygones, the witch-goddess Circe and the rest. And they took a most circuitous route, bouncing all over the Mediterranean, moving first down to Crete and Tunisia. Next over to Sicily, then off toward Spain, and back to Greece again.

An Interactive Map Shows Just How Many Roads Actually Lead to Rome | Open Culture

...he went away, and passing through what was called the house of Tiberius, went down into the forum, to where a gilded column stood, at which all the roads that intersect Italy terminate."

MapLab: The Cartography of Chaos - CityLab

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

Why Equitable Maps Are More Accurate and Humane - CityLab

Too often, men. And money. But a team of OpenStreetMap users is working to draw new cartographic lines, making maps that more accurately—and equitably—reflect our space.

MapLab: When Women Map the World - CityLab

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

Why Historical Maps Still Matter So Much, Even Today - CityLab

Mega-collector David Rumsey explains how maps are an "archive of information."

What You Get When 30 People Draw a World Map From Memory - The Atlantic

Brits and Indonesians may not be happy with the results.

Clever GIF Shows How the World Map You Know Isn’t Correct

Did you know the world map you use probably isn't accurate? There's a growing shift away from the Eurocentric Mercator projection, which greatly distorts the sizes of countries.

An Artist Used 99 Phones to Fake a Google Maps Traffic Jam | WIRED

With his "Google Maps Hack," artist Simon Weckert draws attention to the systems we take for granted—and how we let them shape us.