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The Best of Listly Lists

A collection of various types of engaging lists created by Listly users.

America's Best 2013 - Remodeling, Renovating and Decorating Professionals

A curated list of America's Best home products and services providers including interior design, architecture, area rugs and more!

Contest - Crowdsourcing contestants for an award

GAwards: Best Consumer Facing Use of Gamification

This is an example of a Listly list used for a contest to drive visibility to a conference. 2000+ curators, 25+ crowd contributed items, 15,000+ views. Gamification Co is a premium customer

Event Speaker List - Crowdsourcing speakers for an event

Crowdsourcing a 24 speaker, 24 hour ITSM Virtual Summit via Google Hangout. The speakers were sourced and crowdranked via Listly. Here's the original post on

23,000+ views, 400+ curators, 25+ crowdsourced suggestions.

The event was a huge success. They are a premium Listly customer

"Top 10" List - Crowdsourcing & Ranking Top Blogs

Top 100 interior design blogs

This list was subsequently embedded many times across different design blogs.

You can find it with the following search: Top Design Blogs

Playlist - Curating Presentations into a Playlist

IBM Connect2013 Sessions On SlideShare

An example of how to make a playlists of talks given at a conference.

Ideas List - Crowdsourcing & Ranking Ideas from community

Burning Questions about Starting Churches

A simple way to ask questions and rank feedback from your community

90 curators, 5k views

Feedback List - Crowdsourcing & Ranking Customer Suggestions

We manage our own feature wishlist in conjunction with the Listly community.

100 curators, 15k views and 80+ user generated suggestions

Curated List - Best HR Blog Posts

The following post made it super easy to collect and share a list of top blog posts on a given topic.

"Top 10" List - Crowdsourcing and ranking best blogs

While the original post on Tonner doll's blog has been viewed 1000 times, the list has generated 100x that number of views because its been embedded in so many blogs. A great example of rethinking blog rolls as a collaborative tool

Playlist - Video playlist of Best Superbowl Commercials

This list was quickly assembled as the super bowl ads were published to Youtube. The list was then embedded and shared.

Best Super Bowl Commercial

Contest - Photo Caption Contest

Avicii Pier 94 Caption Contest

Using a headline image is a simple way to run a caption contest


New Discussion List

New Discussion List

Listly = FAIL!

This is a list for people who are experiencing frustrations on Listly to share their irritations and aggravations and pain-points.