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Online charging system for MVNA

Our OCS system helps an operator improve his billing operations and lets him attract new customers with better offers and reliable services.

What Should Your Current Online charging system (OCS) Offer? – online Charging System

Exceptional customer service should be a part of any and every service provided or item sold. That being said, not all service providers focus so heavily on the customer care side of things. With potential risks such as call, text message, and data session failure, you’ll need near instant responses from your online charging provider. You need a provider that puts your customers first with friendly representatives and by adhering to clearly defined SLA’s.

In this ever changing climate of communications technologies it can be difficult to stay current, but it’s even harder to catch up. With our charging platform, Telgoo5, you won’t have to. Our innovative team works hard to provide you with the best in class online charging system available.

While there are many tech companies offering online charging solutions,
not all are created equal. It’s an extremely technical field. The lingo alone
can be overwhelming.

Online Charging System: The Real-Time Heart of BSS - Farah Atelier

The complexity of telecom operations is increasing with the growing competition. In the race to get ahead, most telecom vendors are seeking solutions that can enhance their workflow. As billing *plays a vital role *in the overall functioning of telecom operations, the demand for a reliable telecom charging system has sky-rocketed. With the billing and charging needs growing exponentially, most telecom vendors are confused about where to start their search for an online charging solution that can meet their requirements. In the current state of things, Vcare OCS emerges as a ray of fresh hope.

Vcare OCS is a specialized communications function that allows a service provider to charge a user for services in real-time. The OCS handles subscribers’ account balance, charging transaction control and correlation.

By using an OCS online charging system, a telecom operator enforces credit limits and authorizes resources on a per transaction basis. Given the crucial role it plays in telecom charging system architecture, it can be called the real-time heart of BSS.

Unlike many online charging systems,which charge the customers after rendering services, OCS online charging solution charges in real-time.

Event Based Charging

Event based charging function (EBCF) is used to charge events based on their occurrence rather than their duration or volume. Typical examples of such events are SMS & Data.
Session Based Charging**

The session based charging function (SBCF) is responsible for online charging of network/user sessions e.g. voice calls, IP CAN bearers, IP CAN session or IMS sessions.
Functions of OCS Telecom Charging System

  • Subscriber, customer and service identification before providing access to a service.
  • Initial authorization and re-authorization of access to a service (determining whether a requesting subscriber is allowed access to a service).
  • Tracking service usage and keeping records of services delivered in the billing system database.
  • Loading to the billing system database customer, subscriber and balance updates unrelated to service delivery in real time.
  • Calculating call charges based on CDRs and loading the results to the billing system database
  • Managing additional real-time subscriber service features (black list, live balance, prepaid lifecycle)

OCS system allows the operator to control credit and at the same time lets users control their costs through** flexible packaging**, bonuses and discounts (whatever the services/network and whoever the customer).

Vcare Charging System lets the operator realize and create new opportunities. The OCS system helps an operator enhance his billing operations and allows him to bring in new customers by offering reliable services.

Vcare listens to all your requirements.Adds value by customizing services to meet your requirements and trains its employees to help you deliver betters services, so you can achieve your business goals.

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The increased competition in the telecom industry has left operators with absolutely no breathing room. The margin of error – no matter how small it is – can derail a budding project, which is why; it has become essential for telcos to understand the importance of standards like 3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project).

3GPP and Prepaid Billing

It is a well-known fact that prepaid mobile connection is preferred by most subscribers over a postpaid connection. Due to the** immense popularity **of prepaid plans, it becomes all the more important for telecom operators to invest in an OCS (Online Charging System) that offers real-time charging facility. Also, for an OCS to be effective and work according to expectations, it needs to the meet the requirements set by 3GPP. For those who don’t know, 3GPP was initially formulated to address the scope of 3G mobile networks, however, it has now evolved to cover all the past, present and future mobile networks e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G etc.

Why is an online charging system a must-have for any telecom business? - Quora

Core telecom operations are complex. Even more complex are the operations related with billing and tracking of day-to-day customer interactions with the system. Given the requirements of modern-day customers, the challenges a telecom entrepreneur faces are immense and it is tough to streamline the workflow by employing basic methods.

Major telecom operators have found a solution to these problems in the form of a magic wand that goes by the name of Online Charging System (OCS). This amazing yet under-utilized software can handle subscribers’ account balance and perform a number of operations without breaking a sweat. In the current competitive telecom market, it would be foolish to overlook the importance of this magical solution and delay its deployment.

What an Online Charging Solution Offers?

Everyone in the telecom business has heard about OCS. However, due to lack of knowledge and probably due to expenses, some operators shy away from integrating it into their business operations. If you are amongst those who still haven’t made up their mind, then have a look at some of its benefits that may change your outlook.

Telecom charging system- A Secure and Scalable Online Charging System

If you’re ready to take your telecom business into the future, an OCS is the core of any telecom billing operations. But when you look for an OCS, you will discover that there are many choices out there. So we have provided with you some important things to look for when you want to choose the right online charging system for you and for your company.

As it allows for both event based and session based charging in real time. It calculates charges for a particular call on the basis of CDRs (Call Data Record) and updates the result on the billing system. This telecom charging system is capable of handling account balance of subscribers, ensuring credit limits and authorizing resources on the basis of transactions.

What Makes an OCS the Ultimate Solution for 5G billing? - Quora

Although the launch of 5G is a great initiative in the race to match wired broadband speeds, its value for a telecom operator hinges upon several factors. Faster data connection may seem like a real boon for the subscribers, however, it does not automatically translates into profits for telcos. A lot was expected by telcos after the launch of 4G, which supplanted the erstwhile 3G connection. But instead of bringing in new revenue streams, it dug a hole in their pockets as subscribers were lured away by OTT (over the top) platforms like Netflix, Facetime and Skype. Hence, it is imperative for a telecom operator to be proactive in his strategy while tackling 5G. One way of ensuring that you maximize the advantages offered by 5G is by investing in a real time charging system that monetizes all your offerings.

Online charging system for MVNA | A Listly List

Our OCS system helps an operator improve his billing operations and lets him attract new customers with better offers and reliable services. | What...

5 Signs Of A Great OCS – Online Charging System – online Charging System

If your MNVO wants to have any chance of success, you need to have an excellent OCS to charge your customers accurately and regularly.

One of the biggest hurdles that MNVOs face is the fact that they are constantly having to prove their worth. People are still used to working with bigger telecom companies and might be suspicious of an MNVO.

Create the Best User Experience with the Power of OCS and Convergent Billing – online Charging System

With telcos facing the heat of competition, we are seeing a marked change in their way of working. Their focus has shifted towards enhancing the experience of customers and they are doing their level best to keep them engaged with new and innovative offerings. Given the current circumstances, a cutting-edge OCS has become par for the course.

OCS is the beating heart of any BSS system. The quality of your OCS defines how good your telecom billing really is. By charging both session-based and event-based services on a single platform, it allows for convergence in billing.

What Is an MVNO in Telecom? – online Charging System

MVNO or mobile
virtual network operator
is an alternative to traditional data and phone
services providers. They act as a
refreshing option for people who are sick of the red tape, excess fees and
problems that come hand-in-hand with relying on the bigger companies. MVNOs
provide data and cell phone services directly to their customers, which makes
them a preferable option.

What is Advanced Technology which we use in MVNO and MVNE – online Charging System

The telecom industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and if you want to be on the cusp of all of the new innovation, it’s time to consider starting your own MVNO or MNO.

OCS (Online Charging System) is the beating heart of any BSS system. The quality of your OCS defines how good your telecom billing really is. By charging both session-based and event-based services on a single platform, this real time charging system allows for convergence in billing.

What Online Charging System For MVNO Experts Don’t Want You To Know – Call Center Services

When a customer receives a bill that he did not expect, it is called a bill shock. Too many bill shocks and you, as an operator, risk losing your customers. The situation is particularly grim for MVNO when it comes to bill shock. As they already have a smaller number of subscribers when compared with…

OCS plays a key role in managing the billing and charging functions of a telecom organization. To ensure that all billing tasks are handled efficiently and accurately, you should partner with experienced telecom billing vendors that can offer you a reliable OCS.

MVNE System - Quickly Track your Telcom offerings

At Telgoo5 we pride ourselves on being even more an accomplice than a merchant. Accordingly, we ensure that we plan normal calls with our telecom accomplices to ensure that they are advised of everything that we are doing at each phase of the game. Each MNO or MVNO is doled out an agent that has private information of their business and extreme objectives. This enables us to help them starting from the earliest stage, and have the option to help with any scaling needs continuously. We realize that scaling is a standout amongst the most testing occasions for any business, and we pride ourselves on giving out-of-the-case arrangements and an adaptable and strong stage to enable organizations to scale easily.

Prevent Your Customers from Bill Shock with a Future Proof Online Charging System – online Charging System

In the world of telecom, a bill shock is the surest way to lose your customers. You can do everything right, from creating the perfect plan to delivering your services as per expectations, but if your billing is not in place then you are in a world of trouble. Especially for small-scale MVNOs that thrive on supporting small customer bases, an inefficient billing system can sound the death knell for their business. The biggest reasons why many billing systems fail is due to the inefficiency of the OCS. Hence, it makes all the more sense to fix the problem at its source.

8 Reasons Why Investing in Cloud-Based OCS System Will Be Your Best Decision Ever – online Charging System

Cloud-based computing has been particularly rewarding for the IT sector. Its ability to cut down on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has been the biggest driver for its mass employment by different companies. But there are other benefits of cloud platform as well, especially for the highly-competitive telecom industry.

Convergent Billing Made Simple with Convergent Real-Time Billing System -

Whether you are an MNO or MVNO, the need for convergent billing is part and parcel of the modern-day telecom operations. In the present time, there is no room for the erstwhile IN and offline charging systems. Unless you are ready to incur frequent losses,...

Employ Convergent Real-Time Billing System to ensure transparent billing and evoke customer trust in your services. Our real-time OCS allows for real-time charging of transactions at a centralized location.

The Exigent Need to Focus on IoT Data Connectivity

IoT platform is proliferating and for good reasons too. It is expected to reshape the world of technology; however, it is essential that an IoT platform gets optimum IoT data connectivity speed at all times.

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Starting an MVNO is a good initiative to generate high revenue with good marketing skills. Maximize your earning with full MVNO solutions for budding businesses.

(v) WeCare Cloud-Based Online Charging System

The emergence of new devices, services, and
applications enables customers to experience a digital reality. The new digital
lifestyle has transformed end-users expectations as customers demand various
types of services to be charged in real-time,
consumed online, and be available whenever they want.

How an Online Charging System Can Help You Save Costs

When set up the right way, an OCS system can help you provide better services to clients. With its smooth service delivery and automation of various billing processes, it is a charging system telecom companies rely upon to improve their operations by a large margin.

Bad OCS System: A Recipe for Telecom Disaster

Having an OCS system does not only automate your billing to a large extent, but it also makes it easier for customers to use your services. It also minimizes common errors that come with everyday billing and charging, which once again leads to better customer experiences.

Automate Billing Tasks and Support Convergent Billing with Real Time Charging System

This makes sure that you are not handing your network’s fate into the hands of a sub-par infrastructure. Rather, you are paying for services that make a difference for your network’s service. This approach also gives you the confidence that you are setting up your real-time charging solutions with the latest advancements.

One Bill for Complete Customer Subscription with Convergent Charging

Manage multiple customer services conveniently with a convergent charging platform that you can trust. We employ a centralized charging system for your business and ensure every customer interaction is tracked and billed reliably.

A Glossary of Important Paradigms in Modern-Day Telecom Operations

Nowadays, telecom operators are willing to do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the competition. As customers become smarter with each passing day, it is not easy to lure them towards one’s products or services by relying on obsolete telecom billing...

Offering an Online Charging System is Needed and Here’s Why

In the modern era, an online charging system (OCS) is becoming more prevalent. They are what your business and brand desperately need. Now, implementing an OCS will not single-handedly elevate your network to the cream of the crop but it most certainly can help too.