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This is a compilation of the Copyright Act 1968 that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 23 June 2017 (the compilation date).

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts is a new report which provides evidence as a catalyst for informed discussion about arts and culture in Australia. It will be an evolving report which fills a critical gap by creating and interpreting a set of national indicators to increase our understanding of the Australian arts industry.

The Australian music industry is at an historic cross road considering the challenges from technological advances that it has faced in recent years. It is an industry that has long relied on copyright law for the protection of its income streams. However the ease with which everyday consumers flaunt the law and the general apathy that society has towards it has generated a need to either change the laws or change the business model that the industry has relied on for the past 100 years. This paper examines the failure of existing copyright laws in the face of changing technology and the likely impact of changes currently under consideration.

Arts Law : Information Sheet : Copyright

Arts Law Centre of Australia. Knowing how to license copyright and earn a royalty gives artists a way to monetise their creativity.

Australian Copyright Council

The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, non-profit organisation. Founded in 1968, we represent the peak bodies for professional artists and content creators working in Australia’s creative industries and Australia’s major copyright collecting societies.

In the main, Australia's feature film production sector consists of a loose collection of 'kitchen-table' operators, poorly capitalised, going from one project to the next. The distribution sector, by contrast, is in very good health. Why is this the case? What environmental conditions have created this imbalance? More pressingly, what is it that producers have overlooked in their tendency to focus on one project at a time and to make projects at any cost?


The pre-digital age Copyright Law of 1968, is under review to be inclusive of online content distribution. The Australian Copyright Council provides updates on the changes be proposed to the law.

  • Quality teaching is widely acknowledge as being a key determinant of variation in student achievement (Wenglinsky, 2000). Concomitantly, student-learning can be positively affected through better teaching. As creative professionals and scholars, we understand the importance of maintaining industry standards and continuing engagement with new technologies, practice, policy developments, research and innovations in our respective fields. If we are committed to a vision of providing our students with the knowledge and skills to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers and creative professionals, then as educators it is critical that we are also committed to developing our professional practice and mastering the competencies that will ensure positive learning outcomes for our students. The Learning and Teaching Matrix has been created to promote and support the delivery of quality learning and teaching at SAE.

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