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Updated by SAE Australia on Mar 07, 2019
Headline for Sharing Best Practice @ SAE
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Sharing Best Practice @ SAE

Part of the lesson observation process is to identify exemplary practice among current SAE teaching staff with the goal of sharing this practice. If your lesson observer identified any of your pedagogy, technology or content knowledge as exemplary please take the time to record your practice here. You may post a link to your existing blog or record the practice here. Click the 'add to list' button to submit.

Collaborating in the Classroom: Padlet vs Pinterest

As a tertiary teacher, I’m always looking for ways to increase opportunities for participation and collaboration in my classes. One of my preferred methods of doing this is to create virtual pin boards organised around the topics we are investigating and ask students to find or make something and share it on our virtual board for comment and/or critique. Active learning strategies such as these are a great way to increase engagement beyond simple discussion, appeal to students who aren’t so comfortable with sharing their thoughts verbally and also gives me valuable insight into the learning that’s taking place in my class.

The Online Lecture Toolkit

Do you teach an online, hybrid, blended, or flipped course?  Are you working with faculty who do?  This site is designed to provide you with the tools you need

  • Quality teaching is widely acknowledge as being a key determinant of variation in student achievement (Wenglinsky, 2000). Concomitantly, student-learning can be positively affected through better teaching. As creative professionals and scholars, we understand the importance of maintaining industry standards and continuing engagement with new technologies, practice, policy developments, research and innovations in our respective fields. If we are committed to a vision of providing our students with the knowledge and skills to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers and creative professionals, then as educators it is critical that we are also committed to developing our professional practice and mastering the competencies that will ensure positive learning outcomes for our students. The Learning and Teaching Matrix has been created to promote and support the delivery of quality learning and teaching at SAE.

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