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Kallysleep ,The Sleep SpecialistsThe best full body orthopaedic pillow.We have something to suit everyone, no matter how badly (or well!) you sleep. From our best-selling Kally Pillow, to our side sleeper pillows & pillows for back and neck pain. All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured using the highest quality components right here in the UK.In 2018 we launched a study into the sleep sector to try and understand more about what people expect from a good nights sleep, and the sleep-related problems affecting men and women of all ages. The results were staggering, and within a few months we launched Kally Sleep – A business totally dedicated to addressing sleep related problems (and getting you the nights sleep you deserve!) with a range of truly outstanding products designed with the help of some very smart Harley Street Doctors and Osteopaths.Our mission is to help you sleep longer and give your body the rest it deserves – because when we say “Goodnight!”, we really mean it!

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