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John Thibault

John Thibault is the Founder and CEO of iLobby, a cloud-based lobbying platform that makes it easy for voters, business and trade associations to take political action by engaging in public policy. iLobby connects voters with lobbyists to change laws.

He previously served in government affairs at MCA/Universal. He was also the first VP of business development and marketing at eBay and the first VP of marketing at Financial Engines.

He is the author of the #1 International bestseller "How to Change a Law", “Sway,” "Keeping Score," and "The Political Game."

He has been published in Association News, Manufacturing Today, CEO for High Growth Ventures and Millennial Magazine and been interviewed on radio affiliates for ABC, CBS and NBC. John is also the 2nd most viewed writer on the topic of lobbying on Quora.

He served as past Chairman of the two local California parcel tax measures and has provided strategic campaign advice to candidates for local public office. He is the Chairman of The Thibault Foundation.

He holds a Bachelor's degree from Ryerson University and an MFA from UCLA. He enjoys skiing and lives with his wife and three children in Silicon Valley.

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