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Hypercel Corporation

Hypercel is the absolute leading name in wireless accessories as a global leader in distribution, manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment. With thousands of top-notch products, Hypercel controls the brands HyperGear and Naztech, which are known around the world for being the best of their kind. Since its’ very beginning in 1995, Hypercel has been a success story. In the first year alone, Hypercel skyrocketed to 32 million dollars in sales, making it a global player overnight. The cornerstones of the company’s success are rooted in competitive pricing, unsurpassed customer service and trendsetting innovations in the home, wireless, and electronic markets.

Hypercel has offices and manufacturers throughout the world. Our international sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment practices make us a true titan in the wireless accessories industry. We strive to provide the highest quality products all over the world. Join us as we bring innovation to the world of communication.

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