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Housecalls Plus, Inc.

About Us

Physician Home Visits in Mesquite TX

Our Mission
It is our mission at Housecalls Plus, Inc. to glorify God through our service to you and provide you with the highest quality medical care.

As a provider of Visiting Physicians Services in Mesquite, Texas, Housecalls Plus, Inc. offers primary care medicine to adults and seniors in the comfort of their home, senior apartments, assisted living facilities and Group homes.

We specialize in providing compassionate and comprehensive primary health care services to Medicare patients, seniors, and older adults. We work closely with you and your loved ones to offer home-based treatment and to help coordinate your health care. Studies have shown that house calls has significantly reduced hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and facilitated transition from hospital/rehab to home.

We develop an individualized practitioner-patient relationship with each of our patients and their families. This personalized relationship enables loved ones and caregivers to actively participate in medical management and decision making without the stresses of juggling multiple appointment and trips to a doctor’s office with work schedules and family responsibilities.

Our team includes:

  • Dedicated office staff
  • Physician
  • Nurse Practitioner

We accept Medicare and private pay for Visiting Physicians Services in Mesquite, Texas.

Why Choose Us
We provide caring and compassionate treatment for our patients on the comfort of their residence. There is no need to come into an office when it is medically taxing and wait long periods to be seen. This makes it convenient for the patient and caregivers that are responsible for getting the patient to and from their medical appointments. With our Visiting Physicians Services in Mesquite, Texas, we bring the clinic to you.

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