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Earlier this year, India banned PUBG Mobile — the incredibly popular battle royale game — following border skirmishes with China. Soon after, Faug name FAU-G, a game that took more than a little inspiration from PUBG, started gaining momentum. The announcement for the shooter was backed on social media by popular Bollywood actors. It was positioned as the developer’s response to India’s ambitious call to increase local production.

FAU-G — or FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards to give it its full name — garnered over a million pre-registrations on the Play Store within 24 hours, the highest ever in India. To date, the game has managed over four million pre-registrations. Now, lined up with India’s Republic Day celebrations, FAU-G is finally going live.

I spent a bit of time with the game to cut through the chaff and find out if FAU-G delivers on the hype. Does it have what it takes to be a true competitor to PUBG? Let’s find out.The game doesn’t have much in terms of options, however. While you can adjust the graphics settings, I didn’t see much of a difference in texture quality across settings.

Players start off with a single character option and are tossed right into the action following a short video sequence that sets the tone for the campaign. The control scheme here is very rudimentary.

There is just a single tap to attack option, in addition to a defensive stance.
If you’ve played any smartphone game, you’ll be right at home with the movement controls. Just don’t go in expecting a very polished experience with responsive controls. There’s a certain weightlessness to movement, and combat sequences can be downright laughable in places.

Meanwhile, the map is very linear with little in terms of exploration. I played through most of the 25 minutes of gameplay (there’s a timer) and there’s not much variety here. The campaign is divided into four sections with a difficulty spike after each. These sections are also marked by bonfire checkpoints. You can restore your health fully there, similar to games like Dark Souls.

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