Susan Fox

Author of Four Seasons of Roses, Susan Fox is a consulting rosarian that speaks, grows, photographs, and shows roses and gardens. Company founder of Gaga’s Garden®, she was recently awarded the American Rose Society's (ARS) Presidential Citation "for Promoting the Rose and Rose Education Via Social Media." At her heart is a commitment to generating educational, entertaining content that profiles specific products, personalities, places and events that engage the larger audience through targeted social media campaigns. This and other acknowledgments in the gardening community has firmly established Susan as one of the most highly regarded rosarians and gardeners in the industry with a special talent for promoting garden related products, people or events via social media and content marketing. The Website at features a sample of Gaga's Garden® content and story telling graphics that keep readers coming back for more! Her breath-taking photo of Julia Child, a floribunda rose was selected for the ARS 2014 Calendar, July. Susan is an ARS National Trophy winner holding numerous local rose society awards.

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