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Community Access Network, Inc.

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Charity Organization in California

COMMUNITY ACCESS NETWORK, (C.A.N.) is a private, non-profit 501 C (3) corporation formed for the purpose of providing social services to children and families. Since April of 2002, the agency has been providing program development and consultation services to a number of foster family agencies, adoption agencies, residential care and family preservation programs.

In addition, our Charity Organization in California has been active in providing therapeutic services to families affected by substance abuse and assist parents who complete treatment in reunification with their children. Currently the agency operates three RCL 12 group homes, as well as two locations, Corona and Lake Elsinore, that provide foster child placements and mental health counseling services to individuals and families. The agency is headed by a group of professionals in the social work field with years of experience in administration, fiscal management, social work, clinical services and advocacy. The agency’s Board of Directors is comprised of six members with various fiscal, social work and counseling experience.

When it is necessary for a child to be removed from their biological home, COMMUNITY ACCESS NETWORK strives to provide safe, warm and inclusive family environment for every placed child and have access to all needed resources in order to deal effectively with the child’s various bio-psychosocial stressors.

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