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DopeAMean is a southern-born African-American/ Native American rap artist, music producer, and audio engineer. Born Josephis Kwamane Wade, to a single mother (Lisa Denise Ceesay) in Columbus, Ga. Raised in Atlanta, GA, and Auburn, Al, DopeAMean has a broad southern musical influence. Once a third of the musical rap group Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs), which dropped their debut album The Best Unsigned in early 2005 and created a total of 3 albums from 2005 through 2009. DopeAMean enlisted in the US Army in 2009 and was released from service after serving one correct in Afghanistan in 2011. He has grown and developed both as a person and artist. DopeAMean™s solo debut album Blue Faces, released on November 2, 2019, with 14-Tracks and loaded with premium lyrical content.

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