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Ruby Sprowls

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

So who am I? Well, it’s a long story but my name is Ruby. I’ve come from the city to country, been overseas, and now I operate online businesses selling vintage crochet, knitting, sewing and needle-craft patterns. One continuing thread throughout my life is my love of all things vintage and fiber–and all things handmade.

I have a few online properties. There’s my eBay store, along with the digital store, www.vintagepatternsdazespast and Ruby’s Fashion Doll World will be added later this year.

I’m also a certified eBay Trainer and an Internet Marketing Professional doing businesses as Marketing Your Product with Ruby.

You will find Facebook pages for Vintage Patterns Dazespast, Free Vintage Patterns Dazespast, Ruby’s Fashion Doll World, Marketing Your Product for Profit and Adirondack Farm to Market with Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles.

Finishing the story will explain the why and the how of these ventures. You see, I have always loved working with fiber. I’ve been sewing off and on now for over 40 years. My other passions include crocheting, photography, gardening, fashion dolls and all things handmade.

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