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Mario A Lyman

After roving the planet for 11 years, Mario decided to settle back down in the sleepy suburbs of Dublin City, Ireland opening a modest carpet cleaning business to no fanfare at all.
But as the years progressed and Mario's reputation grew, he quickly learned that if he was to keep up with all the requests for sofa cleaning and 'hot water extraction' carpet services, he'd need some help. So he took on a young member of staff from Poland and after traversing his way through the all the associated paperwork, was able to double the number of customers he could take care of.

Then came advice from friends and family on how to find more customers and from clever ideas like sticker business cards and automated reminders, Mario soon had 14 staff including an accountant to take care of the numbers. He soon launched a web site and despite his high hopes, it never really performed. Still Mario had a good amount of business and people seemed more and more interested in environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services that were pet friendly.

Seeing an opportunity Mario...

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