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Buckeye Home Health Care

About Us

We take care of your health!

At Buckeye Home Health Care, the care team is friendly, the services are accessible and your health is the priority. We look after your safety, fitness and well-being through the home health care services we provide. We are guided by your doctor’s recommendation and we will help design a quality healthcare plan that will respond to your health care requirements brought by illness, injury or age.

Through home health care services, you have the choice to remain at home while receiving the same level of care and attention provided in the hospital or care facility. This simplifies the management of a health condition or physical disability for you or someone you love. Be a recipient of home health care services that is more convenient and less costly compared to institutionalized confinement in a hospital or nursing home.

Through the nurses, therapists and healthcare practitioners in our team, we offer short-term or long-term care services for home-bound individuals. You can talk to us about eligibility and the availability of our services in your area. Call 614-776-3372 to talk to our staff.

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