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Anurodh Keshari

Anurodh Keshari is Digital marketing & Social Media Expert, Consultant, Trainer and Author with qualified Digital marketing Diploma and Google Certified. Anurodh Started his career at the age of 18 from his own Poetry Blog as an author and carries about 2 years of Industry experience

Now He working as a Trainer at DigitalKal, a Digital Marketing Training Institue. Anurodh believes that Digital Marketing stands on Learn, apply and Earn and he also said that if you really want to learn Digital marketing or any technical Knowledge so apply this formula “suppose you are doing some work and you didn’t understand how to do this work, so spoil that work and then correct it” This will teach you something new…

Anurodh Keshari has worked for more of Individual and Company Mark India, Bharat Geotech, Sharp Services, A-one Tailor, Chadda Classes and more of Listed in Anurodh Client list…

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