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Waggster is world's first social 'pet'work for all things pets!

Once you join us and become a Waggster, you can discover fellow pet owners around your neighborhood, city, country, or even the world. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the pet owners of the world in one place, in your own profile page?

Seek other pet owners, interact with them, and build your own circle of friends. Find pet doctors, pet experts, and trusted voices amongst fellow pet owners. Create a handy group out of them so they are available to your pet’s needs at all times. Share and learn from common experiences. Post what’s happening in your pet’s life and stay updated about your fellow pet owners. Host or join pet events whenever you want. Locate a mating date, a pet sitter, or a pet care taker.

That’s not all though. Discover and choose from quality pet products, services, and great offers.

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