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Things to do In Los cabos

My name is Blanca Garcia, I am a proud Mother of 2 beautiful Children, 3 and 10 years old, a passionate, just recently graduated, Executive Chef. I was born and raised in Acapulco, had the opportunity to live for 15 years in Puerto Vallarta and since 2006 I live in beautiful Los Cabos Mexico. Los Cabos has become my favorite home of all, the natural beauty and perfect weather is just so incredible. 355 sunny days, beautiful beaches and so many fantastic Activities to do. When I look back on my 1st vacation in Cabo San Lucas back in 2004, which finally motivated me also to make this my new home and change my career, the activities and tours that I have chosen surely are among my most treasured memories. I have worked all my life in the Tourism Industry, from rental car agencies to Tour and Excursion providers as operations manager and Tour Guide. When I opened Cabo Day Trips in November 2007, the idea was to provide a service not really professionally available in Los Cabos - the best selection of fun things to do in Cabo, the best prices and value possible, the safest activities available and with English Speaking customer service always available for any questions.

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