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Project 57 was founded in 2019 in Greece. Created to help businesses, to make the step they were looking for in the Digital Marketing and Internet world.
The company deals with a multitude of services required for a complete and profitable promotion on the Internet.

Indicatively we deal with:
✅ Web Design
✅ Eshops
✅ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
✅ Google Ads
✅ Social Media Ads
✅ Graphics
✅ Web Hosting
✅ Website Managment
✅ Social Media Managment

With the goal of meeting the needs of more and more customers in the rest of Greece, we have decided to use WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading Web Design Platforms, with modern design and a variety of features for a fully dynamic website and fully customizable for every requirement of your business.

As for E-shops, after a constant search we came up with WooCommerce. It is a software used worldwide to build an E-shop, with unlimited capabilities, ease of use, a variety of themes, extensions, and offers freedom with no commitment as long as the website or online store operates.

Our experience allows us to focus not only on the design of the website we build, but also on specific skills, such as programming custom code, which may require some modification or correction on the website. In addition, we specialize in techniques that will rank your website to high positions in Google's search engines, service called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I will be glad to contact with as and discuss the goal you have set for your business. And be sure, together we will achieve your goal to be a reality.

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