Marisa R Constantinides

Teacher Development Work
I am a TEFL Teacher Educator and run CELT Athens, a Teacher Development centre based in Athens, Greece.

I train teachers face-to-face as well as online; my courses include the Cambridge CELTA and DELTA (which we also offer online) and a new range of Moodle courses on ICT for ELT, ELT Management and Young Learners. You can read more about me on my website here

Language Teaching
My centre offers a variety of courses in English, from general purpose classes to tailor made courses for Business English.

I have written materials for young learners and for using literature in ELT and published my articles in a variety of print and online journals - some can be viewed here. My blogs:

TEFL Matters
The Cambridge CELTA Blog
The Cambridge DELTA Blog
Most recent work: a chapter on Creativity in the Foreign Language Classroom, a British Council free publication.

Volunteer Work
I do a lot of free work for ELT, sharing through Facebook and Twitter and maintaining & supporting many different online communities. I am one of the moderators who run #ELTchat, a weekly hashtagged dicussion on Twiiter shortlisted for an ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources in 2012. I also write for/maintain the #ELTchat blog with my fellow moderators and work on the Learning Technologies SIG Committee.

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