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Certification from the London Board of Immunology & Allergy needs successful conclusion of a challenging written evaluation, but in addition approved training. London Allergy is one in the valley of the very esteemed allergy practices, serving the community for more than forty years.

Our award winning team of nurses and allergy physicians works closely with every one of our patients to give you the most current diagnostics and treatment. Our allergy specialists are board certified and involved in instruction of residents, medical students and primary care physicians.

Our board certified allergists have qualifications in at least two specializations, and have completed specialty training in either internal medicine or pediatrics, with Board Certification under that specialization, followed by additional training for 2 or even more years examining the science, cause, diagnosis, and treatment of allergic and associated disorders.

In addition , we stress self-attention. If allergens are unable to be prevented, we educate our patients the best way to deal with the allergy when it flare ups with symptomatic drugs that are safe, like inhalers for asthma patients. In addition , we educate our patients what to do in case of crises including insect stings.

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