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Nate Sampson


Impact Videographer | Visual Marketing Professional | Innovative Creator

Nate Sampson, a passionate creative, masterfully transforms vision into cinematic narratives. Collaborating with businesses, professionals, and organizations, he crafts content that resonates and inspires. As the Director of Media Relations for the ATLVets Organization, Nate plays a pivotal role in spotlighting the deep connections made between veteran entrepreneurs and their communities.

About Social Pro Video:
At Social Pro Video, we specialize in crafting strategic, high-quality short-form and long-form professional video content tailored to elevate your brand's message. My mission is to help businesses and organizations connect with their target audience, fostering engagement and bringing your brand story to life through the lens.

Podcast: Marketing Through the Lens:
Join me on my podcast, "Marketing Through the Lens," where I dive deep into stories, strategies, and best practices for creating impactful online video content. Learn how to maximize engagement and exposure while enjoying insights from my 24+ years of creative experience.

A Unique Approach:
I pride myself on creating a unique bridge between message, marketing, and creative skills, ensuring that your video productions go beyond expectations. Developing meaningful relationships with my clients allows me to strategically capture and compose compelling stories, fostering deeper connections with your audience.

Director of Media Relations at ATLVets:
As the Director of Media Relations for ATLVets, a 501(c)3 organization, I document and convey the impactful work we do for our Nation's Heroes. Through cinematic storytelling, we build a legacy that captures the essence of community support for veterans.

Diverse Clientele:
With a rich portfolio spanning corporate and small businesses, marketing companies, and non-profit organizations, I bring a wealth of experience to every project. Explore some of my work ( to see the transformative power of cinematic storytelling.

Let's Elevate Your Brand:
Whether you're a business seeking a captivating video marketing strategy or an organization aiming to tell a compelling story, I'm here to help. Schedule a chat with me to explore how you can become a Social Pro, Through the Lens of Cinematic Storytelling. Let's bring your vision to life!

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