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BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects)
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BPM Tools (essential in ITSM projects)

Tools that support the modeling and administration of People and Process: Business Process Modeling tools. These tools are indispensable in ITSM projects.
NOTE: this list is not about ITIL/ITSM tools. Please visit http://list.ly/list/Cy-itil-tools.

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  1. 1  Lucidchart


    Lucidchart is an online diagramming application that supports flowcharts, BPMN, UML, ERD and many other diagram types. It also comes with real-time collaboration, seamless Visio import/export and easy Google Apps integration.

  2. 2  Comindware Tracker

    Comindware Tracker

    Comindware Tracker delivers all the power of traditional BPM software while ensuring much easier system setup and application flexibility and configurability. Comindware Tracker is seamlessly pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint as well as is available both in Cloud and on-premise deployment. Full support for mobile platforms - iPhone, Android and iPad - is enabled.

  3. 3  Navvia


    Navvia is a complete toolkit for the ITSM Program Office. You can SURVEY process maturity, automatically DESIGN and share Process Docs and also VERIFY process compliance. Navvia is Process Management Made Easy!

  4. 4  Rules


    MAVIM Rules is hét systeem voor het beschrijven en modelleren van (werk)processen en wordt ingezet voor zaken als normeringen, wet- en regelgevingen en KPI-beoordelingen. Zowel strategisch als operationeel is rules een uitermate geschikt systeem. De software is zodanig ontwikkeld om organisatiebreed te worden ingezet.

  5. 5  Visual Paradigm

    Visual Paradigm

    development tools support UML, SysML, BPMN, Business Rule, ERD and mind mapping. All Visual Paradigm tool can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
    Supports core processes & service management (ITSM) processes.

  6. 6  SYDLE SEED


    SYDLE SEED is a 100% web BPMS (Business Process Management System) designed for those who believe that having intelligent processes is a key factor for success of the organizations seeking for order and efficiency.

  7. 7  MS Visio

    MS Visio

    Whether you’re capturing existing business processes, analyzing your supply chain, or monitoring business process performance, Microsoft® Visio® 2010’s new tools and more intuitive interface make it easier ....=>

  8. 8  BizAgi


    Bizagi Business Process Management (BPM) solutions makes modeling, executing and improving business processes easy for everyone, no matter if you are a small organization or a big corporation.

  9. 9  ARIS Express

    ARIS Express

    ARIS Express is the free-of-charge business process management modeling software tool provided by IDS Scheer AG including EPC, BPMN, organisational chart and Microsoft Visio import. It is provided as a freeware download.

  10. 10  ViFlow


    ViFlow is een eenvoudig, maar compleet KAM- en procesmanagementsysteem. Het presenteert horizontale swimlane-schema's, die iedereen snel begrijpt. ViFlow combineert overzichtelijke Visio-schema's mét de ...=>

  11. 11  Innovator Modeling Platform

    Innovator Modeling Platform

    Integrated solution, from requirements and business processes right through to application development Supports open industry standards (BPMN, UML, SysML, SoaML)

  12. 12  Perceptive BPM

    Perceptive BPM

    Perceptive BPM is a set of software technologies that provide end-to-end visibility and control over all decision points and execution paths of an information request or transaction that typically is long-lived, involves many steps, and spans multiple applications and organizations. Simply put, Perceptive BPM provides organizational leaders with valuable insight, empowers them to make quick decisions, and most importantly, eliminates chaos and inefficiency that can impact an organization’s competitive advantage. (also: Pallas Athena, Lexmark)

  13. 13  Sensus


    Sensus-methode® Procesmanagement, Dutch
    Acht iconen en vijf niveaus, meer heeft u niet nodig om al uw processen te beschrijven. Die eenvoud is kenmerkend voor de Sensus-methode procesmanagement. Die eenvoud vindt u ook terug in de Sensus-software. De Sensus-software sluit naadloos aan op de Sensus-methode en is om te beginnen zeer geschikt voor het vastleggen, beheren en delen van processen. Daarnaast vormt de Sensus-software een praktisch instrument om bijvoorbeeld te certificeren, te automatiseren of om doeltreffend verbetermanagement door te voeren.

  14. 14  LearningGuide


    LearningGuide Solutions, Dutch)
    Effectieve ondersteuning op de werkplek
    LearningGuide biedt eindgebruikers een effectieve manier om de juiste kennis te verkrijgen én te behouden. Het is een performance support systeem dat medewerkers op de werkplek ondersteunt bij het toepassen van (nieuwe) procedures en desktop- of bedrijfsapplicaties.

  15. 15  ARIS Platform

    ARIS Platform

    Use ARIS platform strategy tools to align business processes with corporate adjectives. Optimize your project costing, personnel planning & Six Sigma initiatives.

  16. 16  Bonita Open Solution

    Bonita Open Solution

    Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modeling, a powerful BPM & Workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface.

  17. 17  Serena Business Manager

    Serena Business Manager

    Serena Business Manager is the process management platform of choice for companies that want to rapidly create and adapt process-based applications that improve enterprise agility, productivity, and accountability.

  18. 18  iProcess (Infoland)

    iProcess (Infoland)

    Dutch & German.
    Procesmanagement verschaft inzicht in uw organisatieprocessen. iProcess is de softwaretool voor procesmanagement waarmee u dat inzicht doeltreffend creëert.
    Taken, verantwoordelijkheden en bevoegdheden, ze kunnen met behulp van deze webbased softwaretool ....

  19. 19  MooD / Salamander

    MooD / Salamander

    Salamander's MooD technology is the leading software platform for Enterprise Performance & IT Governance. Salamander's MooDenables an architecture-driven business solution that support decision effectiveness and operational...=>

  20. 20  SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager

    The SAP Solution Manager application management solution facilitates technical support for distributed systems – with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement. A ...=>

  21. 21  ADONIS


    The core task of ADONIS is to continually improve Process and Business Performance in organisations by building an integrated management system and providing transparent information for decision making. ADONIS supports you in ...=>

  22. 22  QualiWare


    The QualiWare product line covers three main products, based on the core modeling suite QualiWare Lifecycle Manager: QEA, QEA and QBM.

  23. 23  Salesforce Visual Process Manager

    Salesforce Visual Process Manager

    Force.com's Visual Process Manager allows you to automate workflows, business rules and easily manage your complex business processes.

  24. 24  ProcessMaker


    ProcessMaker is open source business process management software and workflow software. ProcessMaker workflow management software allows public and private organizations to automate document intensive,...=>

  25. 25  uEngine


    uEngine is an open source BPMS. It was registered in SourceForge.net in 2003, and becomes one of the successful open source BPM projects with matured architecture and references in diverse industries....=>